Core Maths & A Level Maths

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Applicants to Core Maths and A Level Maths

Please download the introduction to Maths booklet. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files and it is available free from the Adobe site.

Mathematics – Introduction to A Level Maths

We want all students who start each Maths course to understand what it is about and to know if it will be right for them. Obviously a key guide is your experience in the GCSE course and how well you do in your exam. Sometimes this does not show how comfortable you are with particular topics, so to help you we use other indicators such as your average GCSE score and also a diagnostic assessment test which we ask you to take at Wyke Start.

Do I need to prepare for the assessment?

Most students do, and we think you should. To help you please download the booklet using the link above. We will remind you of the topics in the first Wyke Start lesson; this will allow you to check your preparation is sufficient for the assessment, which takes place on the second day you have maths at Wyke Start.