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Year 1 and Year 2 RAG Mark/ Ratings

By 1st December 2021News for Parents

During this first term, both YR1 and YR2 students have had the opportunity to complete a number of subject assessments. From these assessments students are awarded a RAG mark/rating to represent their progress in each subject. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are on track to achieving or exceeding, slightly below or significantly below their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area. The second RAG ratings for this academic year (Progress Point 2 Assessments – PP2) are now available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal. For further information on how to access parent portal please see the information to the left of this post.

Attention now turns to preparation for the winter assessments (29th Nov – 17th Dec) and external January examinations. Further winter assessments and January exam information will be posted on the News for Parents and Guardians page shortly.