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Wyke’s Magnificent Seven

By 14th May 2015News, Sport

Mark Lucid, Head of P.E. and Sport at Wyke Sixth Form College, is ecstatic about the recent performance of his students.

“This year has seen the College walk away with ten major sporting trophies this year, seven of these being league championship titles!” But when asked about the recent successes, he wants to talk about participation.

“Many of our teams enter into the AOC (the Association of Colleges) Sports League. And we have had more fixtures this year than ever before.

“And this is on top of us growing as a Sixth Form. What’s amazing is we’ve somehow managed to keep up the numbers of students participating in competitive team sports as we’ve grown.

“The College have also organised leagues with other local colleges to increase participation, and that’s been a huge success.”

As for the seven league championship titles, the College’s First, Second and Third Men’s Football teams all won their respective leagues, as did the First and Second Netball teams, on top of which, the Netball First team also won the Hull Schools District Cup and the County Cup.

The icing on the cake has been the Women’s Football team getting to the National Cup Final, which is held in Walsall, near Birmingham, where Mark says “Our girls performed valiantly but sadly lost to Southampton’s Itchen College.

“They put in a fantastic effort, and it is the first time we have been able to get that far.

“That is one reason our Women’s Football team have been nominated for Wyke’s ‘Team of the Year’ award.”

But the team will have to wait until this year’s Sports Presentation to find out if they are the winners!

When asked the secret of Wyke’s sporting success, Mark says “I put it down first of all, obviously, to the efforts of our students, but we also have a fantastically supportive team of training staff, and I would like to thank each and every one of them.”