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Wyke Student Wins Anti-Bullying Award

By 5th December 2014Community, News

Since the age of 14, Wyke student Rhiannon Sweeney has received numerous awards and certificates in recognition of her outstanding contribution to local charities and anti-bullying initiatives.

Whist at Winterton Academy, Rhiannon became a peer mentor and cyber mentor with Autism Training, where she volunteered to support younger students who had or were being bullied. Since then she has undertaken a bungee jump, ran fundraising stalls and completed sponsored walks to help people in need.

It didn’t take long before all Rhiannon’s energy and good-will was rewarded. She is the proud holder of two Diana Awards and last month she won the title of the Anti-Bullying Champion of North Lincolnshire.

“Fundraising and volunteering have opened up a whole new world for me where I see things from a different perspective and can help make a difference”, Rihannon told the audience at the #iwill Ambassador Awards.