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Weekly RAG grade – Remote Learning Week 1

By 1st April 2020News for Parents
All students should have received a RAG mark to represent the quality of their engagement with the remote working tasks they have been set for the first week.The engagement RAG ratings will be collected weekly to inform the pastoral team of the level of student engagement in the remote learning.Teachers and tutors will be following up any concerns and please do get in touch if you have any further issues about the RAG marks.
  • RED RAG Rating: No student engagement (there may be legitimate reasons for this for example illness or IT issues. In this instance, please let your son/daughter’s tutor know.)
  • AMBER RAG Rating: Some student engagement, but poor quality of work.
  • GREEN RAG Rating: Student is fully engaged and producing good quality work.

This is visible under the Achievement & Reviews Tab once logged into Parent Portal.

Please click on Grade Summary for a week by week review. Grades will be colour coded under the appropriate heading. Last weeks engagement review is under the heading of RL1 (remote learning 1).