• Author: Wyke College
  • Created: 2nd July 2018
  • Updated: 30th April 2019
Route type: North
  • Distance 27.48 miles
  • Time 57 min
  • Speed 30 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 79 ft
  • Climb 571 ft
  • Descent 617 ft

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  • Distance Instructions

Servicing Withernwick, Aldbrough, Garton, Burton Pidsea, Elstronwick, Lelley & Sproatley

Monday – Friday Term Time only


Students are reminded that they MUST be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.


Inward Journey
Withernwick (Falcon Car Park) - 7.28am, Travel Pass
Aldbrough (High Street) - 7.34am, Travel Pass
Garton (Post Box) - 7.38am - Travel Pass
Burton Pidsea (Opposite Costcutter) - 7.50am - Travel Pass
Lelley (Stag Head Inn) - 7.56am - Travel Pass
Sproatley (Constable Arms) - 8.06am - Travel Pass
Wyke Sixth Form College - 8.45am

Outward Journey
Wyke Sixth Form College (College Campus) - 4.10pm
Sproatley (Constable Arms) - 4.49pm, Travel Pass
Lelley (Stag Head Inn) - 4.59pm, Travel Pass
Burton Pidsea (Opposite Costcutter) - 5.05pm, Travel Pass
Garton (Post Box) - 5.17pm, Travel Pass
Aldbrough (High Street) - 5.21pm, Travel Pass
Withernwick (Falcon Car Park) - 5.27pm, Travel Pass

Please note that this service is only scheduled to stop at the points indicated on the route. Additional collection/drop-off points can be requested by students but must be approved by the college prior to commencement of the run