• Author: Wyke
  • Created: 5th September 2017
  • Updated: 25th April 2019
Route type: North
  • Distance 14.75 miles
  • Time 5 h 56 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 0 ft
  • Climb 0 ft
  • Descent 0 ft

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  • Distance Instructions

Servicing Cherry Burton, Beverley & Cottingham

Monday – Friday Term Time only


Students are reminded that they MUST be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

BEVERLEY: The 937 (Hornsea) bus also services Beverley from Swinemoor Lane onwards. Students MUST aim to catch the first bus that arrives at any stop between Swinemoor Lane and College as capacity cannot be guaranteed if the later service is used.

COTTINGHAM: Please note that both this and the 937 (Hornsea) service cover the northern side of Cottingham. If travelling from Castle Hill or Southgate the 943 (Broadgates) bus should be used.

Inward Journey

Cherry Burton (Etton Road) - 7.40am, Travel Pass
Beverley (Woodhall Way Shops) - 7.50am, Travel Pass
Beverley (Hull Bridge Road) - 7.57am, Travel Pass
Beverley (Swinemoor Lane) - 8.01am, Travel Pass
Beverley (Flemingate) - 8.06am, Travel Pass
Beverley (Lincoln Way) - 8.11am, Travel Pass
Cottingham (High School) - 8.25am, 50p
Cottingham (Railway Station) - 8.35am, 50p
Wyke Sixth Form College - 8.45am

Outward Journey
Wyke Sixth Form College (Bricknell Avenue) - 4.10pm
Cottingham (Railway Station) - 4.18pm, 50p
Cottingham (High School) - 4.33pm, 50p
Beverley (Lincoln Way) - 4.38pm, Travel Pass
Beverley (Flemingate) - 4.44pm, Travel Pass
Beverley (Swinemoor Lane) - 4.49pm, Travel Pass
Beverley (Hull Bridge Road) - 4.54pm, Travel Pass
Beverley (Woodhall Way Shops) - 5.00pm, Travel Pass
Cherry Burton (Etton Road) - 5.10pm, Travel Pass

Please note that the stops above are a selection of timing points only and students can be picked up from any official bus stop along the bus route.