• Author: Wyke College
  • Created: 29th April 2019
  • Updated: 30th April 2019
Route type: South
  • Distance 24.01 miles
  • Time 59 min
  • Speed 25 mph
  • Min altitude 0 ft
  • Peak 223 ft
  • Climb 866 ft
  • Descent 1,063 ft

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  • Distance Instructions

Servicing Burton upon Stather, Winterton, Winteringham, South Ferriby, Barton Upon Humber, Boothferry Road & Anlaby

Monday – Friday Term Time only


Students are reminded that they MUST be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

ANLABY AREA : This bus is one of the services that operates through Anlaby to allow enough capacity to collect all students from this area. Students MUST aim to catch the first bus that arrives. Failure to do so may result in insufficient space on a later bus. The 925 (Goxhill) service can also be used.


Inward Journey
Burton upon Stather - 7.25am, Travel Pass
Winterton (Earlsgate) - 7.33am, Travel Pass
Winteringham - 7.43am, Travel Pass
South Ferriby- 7.50am, Travel Pass
Barton (Railway Station) - 7.57am, Travel Pass
Barton (Market Place) - 8.00am, Travel Pass
Boothferry Road - 8.10am, 50p
Anlaby Red Lion - 8.17am, 50p
Anlaby Park Road North - 8.22am, 50p
Wyke Sixth Form College - 8.40am


Outward Journey
Wyke Sixth Form College (William Gee) - 4.15pm
Anlaby Park Road North  - 4.33pm, 50p
Anlaby Red Lion - 4.38pm, 50p
Boothferry Road - 4.45pm, 50p
Barton (Market Place) - 4.55pm, Travel Pass
Barton (Railway Station) - 4.58pm, Travel Pass
South Ferriby - 5.05pm, Travel Pass
Winteringham - 5.12pm, Travel Pass
Winterton (Earlsgate) - 5.22pm, Travel Pass
Burton upon Stather - 5.30pm, Travel Pass


Please note that the stops above are a selection of timing points only and students can be picked up from any official bus stop along the bus route.