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Together for our Planet

By 10th November 2021Course News, Geography

It is an important fortnight for climate change policy and we should be reminded that individual actions are just as essential as global actions, such as those being discussed at COP26.

In light of this, our Geography department have launched a new initiative to encourage all of our students to consider their own environmental impacts and to work hard to reduce their carbon footprint.

In week 1, our individual Tutor Groups will be using the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator to measure their current, combined footprint.

Following this, students will be learning about and encouraged to introduce environmentally friendly practices into their daily lives, for example, walking to college rather than travelling by car.

In week 2, the groups will come together to recalculate their new footprint, working out how much carbon has been saved as a result of their hard work. A certificate and prize will be awarded for the winning group.

This activity is just one amongst the many currently in place at Wyke to help raise awareness of these important issues and to promote positive changes in the actions of students and staff in the long term.