Student Agreement

As part of Wyke’s student enrollment process, it is a requirement that all students sign the college’s Learner Agreement. By signing the relevant document, students studying at the college are recognising their own academic responsibilities and are accepting college expectations as stipulated in the Charter. Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the college taking further action to help and support achievement.

Under 18 students will also need their parent/guardian to acknowledge and sign the aforementioned declarations.

It is important that each of the statements are clearly understood before confirming each of the declarations. A copy of the students Learner Agreement can be accessed here. 

Behaviour Policy & Campus Conduct

If a student’s attendance, behaviour or conduct does not meet the college expectations, then disciplinary actions may proceed. The college follows a dedicated behaviour management strategy that clearly highlights the stages of our formal sanction process. Both teachers and tutors will support our students to change and improve behaviours but if there is insufficient improvement sanctions will be escalated in accordance to the situation.  Further information can be found by accessing college’s behaviour managment policy here. 

Instances of indiscipline or misconduct are logged by staff members via our internal electronic records systems. The college may wish to inform parents of college concerns via telephone or email. Equally, parents can track and monitor their son’s/daughter’s attendance, academic attainment and college concerns via the Parent Portal.