Remote Access and Working


Email can be accessed online here:

Log-in with your username (eg. S0012345) and network password.



All files in your home directory can be accessed through the remote file access web interface here: From this site, you can download or upload your files and edit them on your home computer.


College systems links

These are the links to the college systems which can be accessed externally:

Student portal :

Parent portal :



You have access to the full suite of Office 365 tools and online resources here:

You are entitled to download a copy of the Microsoft Office Suite for free. The link to download the software is here: It will ask you to log in – this is your Wyke email address and your network password.


Adobe Suite

You have access to Adobe Creative Cloud which allows you to download and use a range of Adobe software. You can download apps from this site: You will need to provide your email address and network password.

Learning Platforms

Your teachers will be making use of one or both of the following learning platforms over the coming weeks.



Moodle ( is available to all students and staff.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new powerful collaborative learning platform.  You can access teams via any browser ( or via an installed application on your desktop computer or on most smart phones ( The downloadable versions provide more features than the online version.