Music at Wyke

Music Ensembles

Wyke Sixth Form College is renowned for its musical opportunities and high musical standards. Music provision is not restricted to students taking  Level Music. The College run a range of enrichment activities in which many non-Music students and staff participate. Depending upon the availability of instrumentalists and singers, any number of ensembles may run during a year. Current ensembles include a jazz band, choir, ukulele orchestra, folk band, string quartet and brass quartet. Suggestions for ensembles are always welcome and students frequently start their own whilst the department provides support and resources, so please let us know if you would like to take part.

Individual Music Tuition

Any student, even if you are not taking A Level Music, can ask us to help with finding an instrumental or singing teacher through the Hull or East Riding Music Service, or privately.

The College provides a significant subsidy to music lessons, meaning that lessons are charged at £10 for half an hour, irrespective of provider.  30 lessons a year are guaranteed, making for a total annual fee of £300, which is payable in termly instalments.  In some circumstances, additional financial support towards the cost of lessons is available through the college-wide, means-tested bursary system; details of which can be sought through the finance department but please address all initial enquiries to the Music Department.

Music students are expected to participate in a university-style performance course in addition to their timetabled academic lessons.  Weekly performance seminars are held in the Music Department, some of which are run by visiting lecturers and musicians.

Applications and further details

Lessons need to be booked as early as possible to allow the appropriate arrangements to be made with external agencies.  If you are confident that Wyke is your first choice for further study, please express your interest during the preceding Summer term. Final arrangements for music tuition will be made during enrolment in September.