International Students Programme

About the International Students Programme

Wyke Sixth Form College, based in Kingston upon Hull on the East Coast of the UK, known and respected for its outstanding success with 16-19 year old students, welcomes appropriately qualified students from all over the world. The majority of students would join to study a two-year programme of A Levels at sixteen years old and would combine a busy academic programme with some exciting and extremely interesting enrichment activities.

Although the programme is open to all students from across the world, Wyke Sixth Form College have particular opportunities for China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan students through our partnership with Mission Links.

If you were to study at Wyke Sixth Form College, not only would you be taught by specialist A Level teachers pushing you to achieve your potential, you would also have the opportunity to take part in a number of activities that will not only broaden your knowledge but also let you have a sense of fun whilst learning.

At Wyke Sixth Form College we believe that busy students are better students and this is the ethos we will apply to all of our international students; encouraging students to get involved in college life, whether that be through sport, music, drama or any other of our enrichment activities on offer. Not only do students get a fantastic education at Wyke Sixth Form College, but wonderful opportunities arise and lifelong friendships are made and this is something we are extremely proud of and excited to share with any student who wishes to attend our college.

Why Choose Wyke Sixth Form College?

• The arrangement of mentor, EAL and extra 1-to-1 English private tutor will be a strong support to their academic success.
• A very secured homestay arrangement to the parents’ peace of mind.
• Supported by an “International Student Welfare Officer” who speak the same language with the overseas parents (i.e. both Cantonese and Mandarin) such that they will have a better understanding of their children’s well-being in homestay and academic progress through:
– Direct phone contact
– WeChat/WhatsApp
– Report translation
– Attend parents’ meeting
– the communication with tutors


Responsibility for this side of student life is taken by Mission Links and they take the social and emotional care of our International students as seriously as we do their academic care.

They seek to ensure that you are matched with a British family who will offer you the friendship and support you will need to live and study in the UK, as well as guiding and encouraging you in your studies! We undertake due diligence with regard to local safeguarding policies and guidelines to ensure proper procedures are followed.

From experience we know that it is only when you feel safe and happy at home, with people who are there to advise and support you that you can focus fully on your studies and achieve the highest grades possible.

Home Stays

They are top quality families who may either be the families of the teachers or parents of students who are police checked with a wider global interest and interest in other cultures. They closely monitor their Homestay provision to ensure that they provide the best care possible for all our international students.

By living with a local host family you will get to experience British culture and customs first hand as well as having the opportunity to share some of your own customs and traditions. You will be able to practise your English skills as much as you want and will be able to enjoy human warmth and company!

Our host families all live within bus or walking distance of college.
All our host families offer you…
• Your own bedroom
• Half board on college days and full board weekends and holidays.
• English language practise
• Advice and guidance
• Friendship and emotional support

International Student Welfare Officer

In addition to the daily ongoing support you will receive from your homestay hosts, Mission Links has an International Student Welfare Officer who will oversee and monitor your welfare, both in your homestay and at college, working closely with you, the Homestay providers and your tutors to ensure there are no problems and you are being given all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Additional welfare support you will receive:
• An (optional) induction week before college starts, to help you prepare for study and living in the UK
• Help with registration for UK medical services
• Help with opening bank accounts and getting a mobile phone SIM card.
• Help with registration for college courses
• Help with buying resources needed for college courses
• Monitoring of academic progress with your college tutors and written feedback to parents
• Organisation of specialist extra private tuition (at extra cost) in all subjects outside college hours and during holidays, if desired
• Weekly contact with your student welfare officer
• Travelling arrangement to and from airport

Once you are offered a place at the college Mission Links will match you with a host family and send you their profile details.

Host Families

If you are a UK family interested in hosting an overseas student please read this document that outlines our terms and conditions.

If you would like to be considered for hosting please complete and return the host family registration form.

Fees (2019-20)

1) Annual Tuition fee: £7,000 (including 1 hour per week EAL provision, 1-to-1 English private tuition and exam entries)

2) Fee payable to third parties covering the below services will be provided by Mission Links upon making of direct contact referring to “Apply for a Place”.
– Homestay
– Guardianship
– International Students Welfare Officer

3) £400 for those students who require a bus pass

Apply for a Place

Candidates from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia & Taiwan :
Please contact our agent, Mission Links, who will assist you in the following areas of services and provide the related information.
• Application
• Homestay arrangement
• Guardianship
• Private tutor arrangement
• Liaison with overseas parents
• Homestay Programme fee

Agent’s Contact Detail

Mission Links UK Educational Consultants
35 Alfreton Road
NG16 6DL
Contact Person: Mr Herman Chiu

Tel: + 44 (0) 1773 583388
Mobile: + 44 (0) 7771 963887