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Staying Safe over the Festive Period

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Friday 3rd December is ‘Staying Safe Over Christmas’ Day at Wyke Sixth Form College.

The day will focus on advice and guidance for our students to help keep them safe over the festive period and beyond.

Throughout the day, we will have a series of lectures in the Theatre for tutorial groups to attend. Lectures will pay attention to the serious topic of drink spiking and the more recent ‘trend’ of injection spiking, raising awareness of the signs to look out for and symptoms to be aware of to help keep students and their friends safe when out socialising.

Other initiatives will also be taking place, this will include a range of support agencies being housed in the Oak Atrium where students can learn more about keeping safe and help promote their general wellbeing. Agencies will include, Community Police Officers, MESMAC, The Fire Service and Andy’s Man Club and many more.  #StaySafe #WellBeing #WeAreWyke