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Star Student Amy!

By 29th April 2020Course News
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Ahead of our Virtual Wyke Start event, Wyke student Amy Atkinson shares her own experiences of college life and gives some fantastic advice for upcoming students.

Amy joined Wyke from Newland School for Girls and has really thrown herself into all aspects of college life, both within her courses and enrichments including being an active member of our student crew.

What are you studying at Wyke?

My study programme consists of; A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, A Level Geography and an Extended Project Qualification.

What is your favourite part of college life?

My favourite part of college life is the varied enrichment programs and job roles available which allows me to fully immerse myself into the college atmosphere and get involved as much as possible.

What do you aspire to do beyond Wyke?

My plans for after college is to progress onto study veterinary science at university which is something I have always wanted to do since I was a child.

What did you enjoy the most about Wyke Start and did you find it helpful?

Getting the opportunity to get a taster of the subjects that I had chosen was the best part of Wyke Start for me. I enjoyed this the most as it allowed me to understand what my lessons may be like and meet some of the teachers that could be teaching me.

Wyke Start made it feel less scary starting Wyke in September as it gave me an insight into what my future at Wyke was going to look like. It also allowed me to feel more confident that the courses I had chosen were right for me.

Do you have any advice for students attending a ‘Virtual’ Wyke Start?

My advice would be to interact with Wyke Start as much as possible. It will give you a feel for what September is going to be like and the more you engage now, the more prepared you are going to feel in September.

What advice do you have for upcoming students for their first few weeks at college?

Throw yourself into as many things as possible. Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to make new friends or try something new. So many opportunities are given at Wyke and my advice would be to take advantage of this.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Virtual Wyke Start, Wednesday 1st July 10am.