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Remote Teaching From 16th November-27th November

By 13th November 2020News, News for Parents
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The college will be moving all standard teaching to remote delivery for a two week period from Monday 16th November.

I will be hosting a webinar explaining the plan on Friday 13th November at 1pm. In the webinar I will explain the plan and then take questions. The link to access this webinar has been emailed to all students and parents yesterday.

Our staff will continue to be onsite and will deliver their lessons and wider pastoral support from Wyke in the normal way.

The context for this decision to move to remote learning is that:

  • The infection rate in Hull is high and continuing to rise.  The 7 day infection rate (in which the data is lagged by 5 days) on Monday 9th was 631 per 100,000 (3rd in the UK) and by today it had risen to 727 per 100,000 (1st in the UK).  Local public health authorities believe this will rise still further.
  • We have an increasing number of staff and students who are having to self-isolate.
  • Uncertainty about what the assessment arrangements will be for this year and the need to ensure we have robust assessment data for our students.

The overarching reason for moving into scenario C is to provide the best possible quality of education for our students. We are confident that our site is safe as it can be given the circumstances but the other responses we are having to make, particularly as regards self-isolation, are having too severe an impact on the quality of face to face education that we can provide.

The key aims of the two week fully remote period are:

  • Reduce numbers of students and staff having to self-isolate – It is inevitable that there will be positive cases given the local infection rates, by working remotely we can stop this impacting on the rest of the student body. We also want to reduce the impact that self-isolation is having on students outside of college such as part time work, socializing and seeing family members who are clinically vulnerable.
  • Provide a better quality educational experience – dedicated remote lessons are more effective than trying to deliver to a mixture of face to face and self-isolating students. Teaching staff who are currently self-isolating are delivering onsite sessions remotely. Again, this will be more effective if both teachers and students are remote.
  • Provide students the best opportunity to be able to access the winter examinations – this may be a key piece of evidence to support centre assessed grades.

The plan (w/c 16th and 23rd November)

All lessons to be delivered remotely as per the timetable, live delivery with a register taken for the set 2-week period covering both first years and second years.

Selected students will be invited onsite with transport provided. These include:

  • Vulnerable students and those with significant mental health issues
  • Those experiencing connectivity issues at home
  • Teaching that requires specialist resources
  • Planned mock examinations for sport and IT CTECs
  • Students we know are struggling with remote

w/c 30th November – Year 1 students on site, year 2 remote

w/c 7th December – Year 2 winter examinations and dedicated Extended Diploma provision, year 1 remote teaching

w/c 14th December – Year 1 winter examinations and dedicated Extended Diploma provision, year 2 remote teaching

No one at Wyke likes the idea of not having our students on site.  However, given the local rates of infection and the impact this is having in terms of people having to self-isolate, we believe it is the right decision at this time.

Please do continue to provide me with your feedback, it is very much appreciated.

Do look after yourselves and each other,

Paul Britton