Wyke’s Pre-Medical Programme

What is the Pre-Medical Programme?

Wyke’s well established Pre-Medical Programme supports students who are looking to pursue a career within Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

This is a two year enrichment programme which runs alongside students core study programme. Over the last 3 years, the Programme has successfully supported 24 students secure places on these university courses.

What are the aims of the Programme?

The Programme has three main aims:

  1. Inspire our most able students to investigate these careers and see if these are areas they be may interested in pursuing.
  2. Help students who are already interested in these careers and ensure that they have explored the careers and are fully prepared.
  3. Support students in making a successful application to these highly competitive degrees.

How is the Programme delivered?

The Pre-Medical Programme aims to regularly expose students to these careers and support them throughout their journey through:

  • Supporting students throughout each stage of the highly competitive application process.
  • Give students regular exposure to these careers through regular talks with NHS professionals and current Medical, Dentistry and Veterinary Science students
  • Helping students secure essential work experience placements
  • Preparing students for the admissions tests
  • Interview advice, guidance and practice
  • Regular workshops and lectures
  • Visits to universities

Find out more by watching the below video with Lee Baxter, Head of Wyke’s Pre-Medical Programme: