Equality and Diversity


Wyke Sixth Form College is committed to equality of opportunity for staff and students. All individuals will be treated in a fair and equitable manner recognising any special requirements and making adjustments where feasible.

The aim is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. All members of the College are expected to embrace this policy, and actively seek to promote respectful relationships within Wyke. Any form of discrimination, inequality, victimisation, harassment or bullying will be taken very seriously.

The College has an Equality and Diversity Policy in place and progress on the associated action plan is reviewed annually. For further information on the actions within the plan please contact personnel@wyke.ac.uk. Equality Impact Assessments are conducted for all College and Corporation policies as they are reviewed to ensure consideration is given to how they may affect individuals from specific groups. If any potential issues are identified they are further explored and appropriate action is taken to address them.

Communications and training

Information regarding the Equality Act 2010, including the College’s aims under the Public Sector Equality Duty, is communicated to staff through briefings and staff meetings. Formal training on equality and diversity is also been delivered to staff at regular intervals to increase their awareness and understanding of these issues.


If a student feels that they have been the victim of discrimination by any member of the College – staff or student – they should pursue the matter by talking, in the first instance, with their Tutor.

If you wish to make a complaint, please complete this form Complaint Form and once completed email to feedback@wyke.ac.uk. Please see full details of our complaints policy and procedure by clicking on this link Complaints Policy.


Following the analysis of performance data and gathering of staff and student views on areas for improvement in relation to equality and diversity within college, the College’s overall equality objectives for 2019-20 are:

  • Promote openness amongst staff about mental health problems and ensure there is support available where needed.
  • Put strategies in place to help students to close gender gaps in those subjects where one gender performs significantly better than the other.

The College will assess progress against these objectives.

If you have any queries or require this information in another format please do not hesitate to contact the pastoral team in College or H.R. at the following email address personnel@wyke.ac.uk.