Reporting Covid-19 Symptoms

If you are displaying the following symptoms;

  • a new and persistent cough ​
  • or a high temperature, ​
  • or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)​

Please self-isolate and book yourself in for a test as soon as possible.

Please follow the government guidelines around isolation periods. Self-isolation will not negatively impact your attendance.

You are asked to take a test and inform at the earliest possible opportunity of the outcome. You can arrange to get a test by visiting NHS.UK to arrange or contact NHS 119 via telephone if you do not have internet access.

You may return to College before the end of the designated isolation period, subject to confirmation of a negative test. Written confirmation of a negative test should be emailed to and you should not return to the site until directed to by a member of the safeguarding team.
Any positive test result should be emailed to as soon as possible. We will then contact you to discuss what happens next.

Please see the student guidance document for further information.