Coronavirus Information and Guidance

COVID-19 Cross College Risk Assessment

Over the last 18 months the college has put into place significant controls to ensure that risk of infection from COVID-19 is reduced to both staff, students and the wider community. This has involved stakeholders from all areas of the college including, but not limited to the senior leadership team, all teaching and support staff, the College Corporation, teacher and support staff union representatives and our insurance providers. Our controls come from a review of a variety of guidance from the DfE and other appropriate bodies. You can find our overarching college risk assessment below. As with any risk assessment process, this is dynamic and is reviewed frequently by the senior and college leadership teams and the college Corporation and is therefore subject to change or modification at any point.

All appropriate controls have been considered and put into place across our site and transport provision. We have links with both local and regional public health teams who support an ongoing dialogue where needed around suspected and confirmed cases. In the case of any suspected or confirmed cases we will follow their guidance on communication timelines and audience.

Additionally, the College has a responsibility to ensure preparedness for any potential outbreak of COVID-19. The College Outbreak Management Plan intends to assist the College and its relevant stakeholders to prepare, detect and respond to a COVID-19 outbreak and outline the course of action that will be taken should a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak occur. You can find our College Outbreak Management Plan here.

You can find our top level risk assessment here. We presented several webinars for new students and returning students in late August and you can see videos of these here. All our risk assessments and guidance documents are based around the most recent Department for Education opening guidance and will be reviewed in light of any changes.