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Parent Portal Facility

By 2nd December 2020News for Parents
Parent Portal

We firmly believe that parents/guardians play an integral role in assisting student learning and as such, students’ achievement increases when parents are actively involved in the learning process. We would like to take the opportunity to promote the college’s Parent Portal facility which is available for you to use to help monitor and track your son/daughter’s progress to date.

Over the first term, all subjects have completed their reviews of all new and returning students’ progress and achievement. For these Progress Points (PP1 and PP2), students have been rated as either Red, Amber or Green for their chosen subjects.

The ‘RAG’ rating system is used to represent the quality of student engagement with each subject and allows you to compare your son/daughter’s progress with their expected grades. Students who have been awarded Green status so far are working at an expected standard, Amber students are working towards their targets and Red students are a little below expectations at this stage.

Alongside the current progress grades, the Parent Portal also provides you with your son/daughter’s attendance information, pastoral progress records to date, post-college aspirations and contact details for relevant staff members.

Where is it?

The Parent Portal can be accessed directly through the college’s website or by using the following link:

How do I log in?

To log in, you will need:

  1. Your son/daughter’s unique and individual student number (S number);
  2. Their date of birth
  3. The unique password that was sent to the corresponding postal address at the start of the year.

Once logged in, you will have the ability to personalise your password and, if you would like to be able to reset your password in the future, tick the box that allows Wyke to contact you via email. By doing so, you will confirm your recovery email address.

If you do not have a username or password, please contact the College directly to request one.

For more information regarding the Parent Portal, please see the Parent Portal Guide and video tutorial on the ‘News For Parents and Guardians’ webpage