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Go Further with Maths

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If you are planning to study any maths related subject in the future or aspire to establish a career in a maths related area, like engineering, then A level Further Maths is essential to your ambitions. Most high-quality, maths-based university courses want students who have studied A level Further Maths.

At Wyke, A level Further Mathematics is available to students with 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics and is studied alongside A Level Mathematics. According to Head of the Mathematics Faculty, Al Robinson, having high GCSE grades is just one of the key ingredients to benefit from taking the subject. “Probably the most important criteria for studying Further Maths is that students really enjoy the subject. They really want to learn more and push their understanding of the subject.”

To get an insight into the subject, watch this short video on discrete maths, hosted on Wyke TV

To guarantee an interview for a place at Wyke, please apply before the 15th January. Apply directly to Wyke through our website.

Exams Cancelled

Exams Update

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Vocational examinations in January cancelled

We will cancel all of our planned vocational exams during January.  I had expected the government to make this clear but they have left the decision to colleges.  It seems completely obvious to us that if it is unsafe to open schools and colleges then it is also unsafe to run examinations.  We also believe that it is unfair to ask students to sit examinations under such conditions, you would be unlikely to perform at your best.  The exam boards have promised that no students will be disadvantaged by not sitting their exams now.  Hopefully all your hard work can be recognised through whatever centre assessed grade process is decided on.

To be clear, we will not be running exams in the following subjects this January:

  • CTEC Computing
  • CTEC Sport
  • CTEC Engineering
  • Criminology

Please get in touch directly with your subject teachers who will provide you with information about their planned replacement for this activity.  You will have lots of work to do to ensure we have the evidence to justify our teacher-assessed grades.


A level and GCSE exams are cancelled and will be replaced with ‘teacher-assessed grades’

The Secretary of State made this clear in his speech yesterday.  There now begins a process to determine what system will replace examinations with the claim that “This year we are going to put our trust in teachers rather than algorithms.”  We will see what this means but, for now, we all need to keep working as normal as every piece of work we do contributes to the evidence base for a teacher-assessed grade.

The Chief Regulator of Ofqual has also published a brief response today.  In this he is clear that the review includes vocational and technical qualifications which is reassuring as neither the Prime Minister or the Education minister have been clear on this.


Webinar on Wyke’s response to Lockdown 3.0 today 1pm

A reminder that I am hosting a webinar for students and parents today at 1pm.  I will be explaining the detail of my updates this week, I haven’t got lots of new material to share so don’t worry about missing out if you are comfortable with the plans.  Here is the link to the session:

And here is the link to submit any questions in advance.

Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown 3.0 Plans

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Here are the details on the college’s response to the announcement of a national lockdown from Wednesday 6th January 2021. 

The overall plan is that college will continue as normal, just delivered from home.  We will provide the full curriculum to all.  We will be working towards substantial assessments to justify the evidence requirements of whatever centre assessed grade process gets put in place therefore, you must continue to work as hard as you have been all year 

I want to reassure you that we have planned for this eventuality since the summer.  I outlined to you the three potential scenarios for this year and this included scenario C, a further full national lockdown including the closure of schools and colleges.  We have had a term of using remote delivery as a key part of our provision ensuring that students and staff are confident with the technology required.   


College opening: 

The college site will be closed from Wednesday 6th January 2021 with a planned return on Monday 22nd February 2021. 

We will have a limited provision for vulnerable students and the children of key workers during this period.  I want to stress that the safest place for the vast majority of our students and staff is at home so this provision is only for those who really cannot engage in learning remotely.  There will be no onsite teaching, students will access remote lessons in the library along with limited support during study periods.  There will be no mixing allowed between students, this is to ensure their complete safety.   We will need students to commit to attending five days a week from 9am -4pm so we may be able to arrange transport and appropriate levels of staffing. We desperately want our students onsite, but this is not a safe option at this time.  The guidance is clear, we all need to stay at home whilst this current crisis passes. 

We have records of those students who are vulnerable, and we will be contacting them to develop a plan to best support them.  If you are the child of a key worker and it is not possible for you to work from home, then please contact so we can have a conversation about how best to support you.  We need to get these plans in place quickly so please can I ask for replies by 9am Thursday 7th January 2021.  


Delivery of the curriculum: 

Throughout this lock down period, we will deliver all lessons, tutorials, support and enrichments as per the timetable. 

These sessions will meet the minimum requirements for remote sessions that we set out at the start of the year.  All sessions will: 

·         Be delivered live via the Teams platform 

·         Have a register taken with attendance marks recorded on the system in the normal way 

·         Include as a minimum for the live element a review prior learning, check of understanding of the tasks set and some form of wellbeing activity 

As far as we are concerned, you are all still enrolled to your courses, you need to do all the work and it is this work that will get you the grade come the end.  We are planning for substantial internal assessments for second years at Easter and for all students in the summer.   


Examinations and resources 

We are following the announcements about the cancellation of A levels and GCSEs along with all of you.  As yet there are no details about the system that will replace this although it must be something based on teacher assessments.  As we have said all year, this means that every piece of work you do counts!  There has not been a similar announcement about vocational courses, but I expect this to follow in due course. 

Our teaching teams have marked the majority of your winter assessments and we will be posting these out to you over the next two weeks as they are a valuable part of the learning process. 

Some of you have BTEC, Criminology and Engineering CTEC examinations planned for the next couple of weeks.  I am sure that the government will cancel this, it is completely disingenuous to hold public examinations in a national lockdown, but sometimes it takes a little while to get these things sorted.  I will keep you updated about our plans for these over the coming days. 

Similarly, we have GCSE results day next Thursday (14th January 2021) for those students who sat examinations in November.  Your results will be emailed to you on Thursday morning as well as a copy posted to your home address. Your teachers and progress tutor will be able to advise you through teams during the days that follow as to your next steps following the results.  


Student support 

As per the overall plan we will be running all of our support functions as normal.  Safeguarding and wellbeing support will continue, please see the attached for details.   

We have consultation events coming up and we are in the midst of plans for running these virtually this year.  We will send out more details next week. 

I’m sorry that our absence text system has not been working properly since the start of the year.  We are now turning this back on fully and parents will receive notification when students are absent from lessons, including remote lessons.  

Where we have concerns around student underperformance we will still be operating our behaviour management system.  As ever, this is about trying to support our students to achieve their potential. We will only issue warnings when we know that you can do better but you need a formal reminder of what you need to do to improve and what the consequences of not responding are.  So, warnings up to and including case conferences will continue as normal.  We will not be holding disciplinary hearing meetings during the national lockdown as these important discussions need to be held face to face. 


Student access to learning 

We are now well set up for students who have connectivity issues.  We have spent over £150k on supporting their education and are grateful for the kind support of the University of Hull with this important work.  If you encounter new connectivity issues please contact 

Students in receipt of the free college meals or a bursary allocated to providing meals will receive their funds via BACS payments on a weekly basis. 

Transport costs will be refunded on the next ticket. 



I think we all need to contribute to this.  What can we do to come together as a college community and look after each other through this dark winter?  The staff team did a brilliant job with the Wyke Workout sessions last March (if you haven’t seen these check them out on the Youtube channel Wyke TV) but my challenge to all of you is what can you do for our community?  Please do get in touch with the Student Executive ( if you have some great ideas about wellbeing activities for the college. You can also contact them via Teams.  

I have also asked all teachers to build in some time to check how you are all doing into their lessons.  As I see it, it is our responsibility to challenge, stretch, inspire and support you through this period.  You all have a job to do, material to learn and skills to develop.  Let’s get on with it.   



Due to the college site only having a very limited opening, from Wednesday 6th January 2021 the college phone line will not be open and all communication should go directly to the teams involved.  We have a list of email contacts posted on the website if you are not sure.  Your tutor will be a key port of call through the period. You can find the contact details of your teachers and progress tutor in your Student Portal.  

I am still going to hold the webinar this Thursday at 1pm.  I will explain all of the detail in this email including and further information that comes out over the next couple of days.  It seems I was a bit hasty with the planning for lateral flow testing but the webinar time will still be useful! 

So, that is it.  Here we are again.  But, we know what we are doing and we are going to provide a full educational experience through this lockdown.  As I said back in March, there are three things to work on: keep in touch, work hard and look after yourselves and each other. 


Paul Britton


T Level Information and Resources

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We hope that you have found all of the information during Wyke’s T Level Take Over Week useful.

We have summed up a range of useful websites and materials for you to explore if you would still like to learn more about these exciting new qualifications:

You can also follow the Governments Official T Level Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to stay in the loop.

If you have any specific questions regarding applications for T Levels in September, please email: and we can direct you to the relevant team. #MakeItHappen

What makes the new T Levels so unique?

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In addition to over 45 different A Level and BTEC courses, Wyke now offers two brand new T Level Qualifications in both Health and Digital Production, Design and Development.

So, how does a T Level differ to A Levels and BTECs and what makes these qualifications so unique?

  • T Levels are designed by employers

This means that the skills you gain are going to be directly relevant to the job/ industry you are interested in progressing onto.

  • Fantastic industry placements

Industry placements are embedded into the course allowing you to gain lots of practical skills and on-the-job experience to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • A varied college life

You will still spend the majority of your time at Wyke. This means that you can still experience college life to the full; meeting lots of new friends and engaging in our many enrichments.

  • Something new and exciting

T Level Qualifications are brand new and unlike anything you have studied at GCSE, so if you want something that little bit different a T Level might be right for you.

For more information on the T Levels we offer here at Wyke, please visit: 

T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development

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From September 2021, we are offering students the chance to study for a brand new, two-year qualification; T Level in Production, Design and Development. The course is a fantastic choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the IT/Digital sector.

The Digital Industry is a major source of employment in the UK, with 1.46 million people working in digital companies and around 45,000 digital jobs advertised at any one time. Digital skills span all industries; almost all jobs in the UK today require employees to have a good level of digital literacy. The UK has positioned itself to be the ‘digital capital of Europe’ as it continues to invest billions every year in digital skills and commerce.

This qualification has been developed in consultation with employers in the digital industry to ensure you learn the skills and behaviours that will give you the best opportunity to be successful when applying for work.
The core component provides a broad understanding of the digital industry and covers the following digital-related topics:

• Business Context
• Culture
• Data
• Digital Analysis
• Digital Environments
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Learning
• Legislation
• Security
• Testing

Guy Martinson, Curriculum Director at Wyke comments: “T Level qualifications are really exciting because of the employer links and up to date skills you will develop throughout the time on the qualification. T Levels will particularly benefit learners who want to work in the digital industry and will be advantageous in making links with industry placement providers that could become future employers.”

“These qualifications are very different to anything else available, and will develop skills at the very forefront of the digital sector, placing you in a strong position to gain a job in the sector over other pathways available.”

T Level in Health (Specialism: Supporting the Adult Nursing Team)

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Our Health & Social Care Department have added a brand new qualification; T Level in Health, available for September 2021.

Working in Partnership with the Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, Wyke is opening this course up to students who are interested in pursuing a career in health – with a particular interest in Adult Nursing.

The course is two years in duration and is equivalent to 3 A Levels. There are two main elements to the qualification:

  1. Technical Qualification (Core Healthcare) – this is the main, classroom based element. Students will learn about their chosen sectors through a curriculum which has been specifically designed by the government and relevant employers. Teaching will also include Maths, English and Digital elements, meaning students are given a solid foundation of transferable skills.
  2. Industry Placement – students will take up a minimum of 315 hours (45 days) placement overall to give them the practical insights into their sector and an opportunity to embed the knowledge and skills learned at Wyke.

Your course will start with the essential knowledge and skills to work in health including how the industry works, core scientific concepts and key regulations including managing information, health and safety and good scientific/clinical practice. You will then be able to apply this knowledge and develop upon this during your industry placement and second year.

Jo Foster, Head of Health & Social Care at Wyke is really excited about this new qualification and the opportunities it offers our students:

“The T-Level in Health is a specialised programme which offers our students an incredible opportunity to combine classroom knowledge with real life experiences in various NHS settings. We are really looking forward to working in partnership with the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust who are experts in their field, to provide support and guidance for our students to advance to the next stage of their study/career”

For further information, please visit:


T Level Take Over Week

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This week, Wyke Sixth Form College is running a T Level Take Over Week.

Throughout the week, we will be sharing lots of interesting information and facts about the two new T Level courses that we are offering from September 2021.

T Levels are new two-year courses that are equivalent to 3 A Levels and have been developed in collaboration with employers and businesses so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares students for work.

The new qualifications offer students a mixture of classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ experience during an industry placement of at least 315 hours (approximately 45 days). T Levels provide the knowledge and experience needed to open the door into skilled employment, further study or a higher apprenticeship.

Wyke Sixth Form College are currently running T Levels in Digital Production, Design and Development and Health.

You can read about these two new exciting courses and download the course leaflets at:

Stay tuned throughout the week!

Student playing the cello

Meet our Music Students: Tyler

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Last week we were invited to watch our very talented first year A Level Music students perform. We caught up with Tyler to find out about his passion for music and why he chose to study at Wyke.

Where did you go to school?
I went to Malet Lambert.

What subjects do you study at Wyke?
I study A Level Music, A Level Media Studies and BTEC Creative Digital Media Production.

Tell us a little bit about your interest in Music…
I’ve been playing music since I was in primary school and my interest developed from there, especially performing live. My ambition is to perform professionally.

What do you enjoy about your Music lessons?
Playing in front of people is great and is something I really enjoy doing.

Why did you choose to study Music at Wyke?
I want to play professionally, and this course will help me to progress.

What piece did you perform?
I performed the Allegro Appassionato by Saint-Saens, accompanied by Mark Keith on piano.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Tyler, we really enjoyed watching you perform and are excited to see where your talent takes you.