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Parent Portal

The parent portal is located via the ‘Parents’ tab on the College website. The Portal gives you access to live information regarding your son/daughter’s progress, attendance and behaviour throughout their time at Wyke. It is also the location to access progress reviews and Progress Tutor contact details.

The link to the parent portal will open up a log-in page

  • Your Username (This is your son/daughter’s individual student number)
  • Your Password is (you will be prompted to change this when you first log in)
  • For security purposes please enter their DOB in digit only format e.g. – 030394
  • If you do not have a username or password, please contact the college to request one.

The parent portal includes the following attendance data.

  • The whole year’s attendance.
  • The current term’s attendance.
  • The last full week’s attendance.
  • The number of reported absences per week.
  • The number of unreported absences per week.

Progress Review information will be visible through the parent portal throughout the year.

humberside police

Keeping our College Community Safe Online

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Keeping students safe online

In these unprecedented times, the Humberside Police Cyber Security Team will be updating their media streams with information about staying safe online.

HP_Cyber (Twitter) and Humberbeat Cybercrime (Facebook) will have twice daily updates on a range of cybersecurity topics that will help to safeguard young people and families who are currently working at home.

The Cyber Security Team have also recommended the following links to help our College community stay safe online.

Useful links:

Useful Videos:

Weekly RAG grade – Remote Learning Week 1

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All students should have received a RAG mark to represent the quality of their engagement with the remote working tasks they have been set for the first week.The engagement RAG ratings will be collected weekly to inform the pastoral team of the level of student engagement in the remote learning.Teachers and tutors will be following up any concerns and please do get in touch if you have any further issues about the RAG marks.
  • RED RAG Rating: No student engagement (there may be legitimate reasons for this for example illness or IT issues. In this instance, please let your son/daughter’s tutor know.)
  • AMBER RAG Rating: Some student engagement, but poor quality of work.
  • GREEN RAG Rating: Student is fully engaged and producing good quality work.

This is visible under the Achievement & Reviews Tab once logged into Parent Portal.

Please click on Grade Summary for a week by week review. Grades will be colour coded under the appropriate heading. Last weeks engagement review is under the heading of RL1 (remote learning 1).

MP Letter

Keeping the Show on the Road

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Wyke has received a supportive letter from Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education.

An extract from his letter reads, “I am aware of the challenges that everyone in the further education sector and all those educating young people and adults over 16 years old are facing. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the absolutely vital service that you are providing to young people, adults, and of course your local communities – for which I know colleges and further education institutions play a central role.

In a week of unique circumstances, one thing that hasn’t surprised me is the resilience, resourcefulness and real commitment of you all. Your sector has not only risen to the challenge, its expertise and ingenuity has shone through – using creativity and technology to keep the show on the road for the thousands of learners who rely on you.

On behalf of the Prime Minister and the entire Government, thank you once again for all your work.”

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UPDATED Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Monday, 23 March
There are a few things to update you on:

No college opening from Tuesday 24th March

We have now got clear plans in place for all students to work remotely, including those students who are vulnerable or who are the children of critical workers. This means that we will no longer be opening the college site from Tuesday. We are all still working though so do get in touch if you need any help.

Monitoring student engagement in remote working

We are currently working on a system for monitoring student engagement in their remote working tasks. This system will be visible across all staff at college and we will share the marks with students and parents. I will update you when we have the final plans in place. Please do make sure you are engaging in your remote working tasks as we will be chasing up those students who have not managed to do so by the end of the week. Again, if you are having any problems accessing the work or are not sure what to do then get in touch.

No feedback on mock exam grades

As I explained last week all summer assessments have been cancelled. I know this is worrying but we will be working with the exam boards to make sure that you receive the excellent results that you deserve. To that end, I am afraid that we will not be able to feedback on the grades that you were marked as achieving in your recent mock exams. These may well form an important part of the evidence that we submit to the exam boards to justify our proposed grades and we do not want to prejudice the process. In the same way as I asked you not to ask your teachers for predicted grades, please can you also not ask for grades from the mocks, your teachers are not able to give them to you.

Here is the current guidance around the cancellation of summer assessments:

Vocational students should complete their courses

It is our intention to support all students on vocational qualifications with no external assessment to fully complete their course. Your teachers will be setting assignments in the usual way to ensure all of you complete. There is no reason why you can’t all finish the qualifications as planned.

Keep in touch / work hard / look after each other

I recorded a little piece last Friday to share these three key messages. If it is of any use to you it can be found here:

I think that’s all for now. Keep safe,



Remote working communication:

Working remotely will require us to communicate in a different way.  There are lots of aspects to this:

The main place for updates relating to college closure, the development of the college’s response to the outbreak and any other college wide news will be the college website.  This will be reviewed on a daily basis with any updates on by 3pm.  These updates will flow from the website through our social media channels.

From Friday we will cease to take calls on the main college answer phone.  Callers will receive a recorded message that directs them to the following email inboxes:

Contact to individual members of staff will be through email or through the tools in Parent Portal

Tutors have been issued with college mobile phones so that they can phone home and take calls.  These phones should only be used for serious issues related to students, general enquiries should go through the mailbox system outlined above.


Wyke Sixth Form College Events and Interviews

Due to the government advice about social distancing and mass gatherings;

  • All Year 11 events have been cancelled. This decision will have no impact on your son/daughters application to the College.
  • All College interviews have been postponed and will be rescheduled as telephone interviews, starting 20 April.


Remote Access to College Resources

We have a range of resources available so that they are able to continue to engage in their studies from home.