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Meet our Careers Team: Chloe Whitaker

By 3rd March 2021Course News

From swimming with Elephants in Bali to helping our students progress onto fantastic destinations – meet Chloe, the third member of our Careers Team.

Chloe started her career at Wyke two years ago and is committed to supporting our students in making positive and aspirational choices for their future.

Please give a bit of detail a bit about your working life background.
I grew up locally and attended Wyke College as a student before graduating at The University of Hull with a BA. Hons Degree in Education, Social Inclusion and Additional Needs. Throughout my Degree I worked on several projects with Barnardo’s, the most memorable of these was working with children and young people who had become disengaged or permanently excluded from education, supporting them back into education or training.

For many summers throughout my studies and afterwards I spent my days as a Play Worker for KIDS Yorkshire and Humber, supporting children and young people with additional needs to experience activities and access local amenities. Before coming to Wyke I worked for an Independent Fostering Agency, supporting and guiding children and young people to successfully make positive and aspirational choices regardless of their background or early life experiences.

How long have you worked at Wyke?
I have worked at Wyke College for almost two years, before gaining my current role in December 2020 I worked as the College’s Enrichment Co-Ordinator ensuring students had a range of and participated in extra curricular activity to develop the skills and practices to reach their next steps and achieve their goals.

What is the favourite part about your job?
The favourite part of my job is engaging and working with students and seeing them develop in the two short years that they are with us. Seeing our amazing students grow and go on to great things, or watching them gain the confidence to try something new and make a success of it makes my day!

What are you most looking forward to over the next year?
I am most looking forward to seeing where our students go on to, this last year has been one like no other, but I know that our inspirational students will not let that stop them from going on to some incredible destinations.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?
Outside of work I love to bake, I have a three year old son and we love to create a chocolatey mess in the kitchen! We enjoy long walks in the countryside, visiting petting farms and days playing in the sea and sand at the beach.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
On a recent holiday to Bali I swam with Elephants and adopted and released a baby turtle, I named her Teresa!

Why do you believe that National Careers Week is such a good platform?
National Careers Week provides an opportunity for students to focus on their next steps and discover, learn and research areas that they are interested in. NCW is an excellent platform that allows students to become enthused by an aspirational profession and to support them in making an informed choice about their career.

Thanks Chloe! If you have a careers enquiry, please contact: