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Wyke Sixth Form College is fully committed to promoting equality of opportunity and achieving the elimination of negative discrimination within the College. Equality is important because a high quality education for students and rewarding employment experience for staff only arises from every individual being given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The College is also committed to providing a learning environment that respects and responds to the diversity of the people within that environment.
Please contact Margaret Cordeaux, SENCO & Learning Support Manager, via email at margaret.cordeaux@wyke.ac.uk if you require any further information or wish to discuss a concern.

Identifying and meeting support needs

Students are offered several opportunities to discuss support needs: on initial application, at interview, at our induction days (Wyke Start), during college Open Evenings throughout the year and at enrolment.  Students may also be identified by teaching or support staff after they start their programme of study. Learning Support Assistants may work with students in the classroom if appropriate or may offer study support tutorials outside the classroom.  They also offer exam support via liaison with the exams office.  Staff are dedicated to ensuring that all students follow a study programme appropriate to their career aims.  Teachers will ensure that student support needs are met in the classroom.

Students are assessed for basic literacy levels and can be offered support to improve these areas.


Wyke Sixth Form College is wheelchair accessible with accessible parking bays close to reception.  There are lifts in all buildings and these are activated by the use of a lift key.  The college has a Physical Management room with hoist and toilet facilities.  Most Learning Support staff have had manual handling training.   Information can be provided in a variety of font sizes for students who are visually impaired.  Most college documents can be accessed electronically via our Moodle site. The Learning Support Department can also supply, for a small charge, reading rulers and coloured overlays for the use of students who need them.  Laptops can also be lent to students with a disability or health need who prefer this way of working.

Science labs have chairs and tables with adjustable heights.

External Agencies

Students have also been supported by a variety of external agencies e.g., NHS Physiotherapy; Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Social Services and referrals can be made to these services.

Counselling Service

Students can access a free and confidential counselling resource in College where they can talk about any issues or problems they are experiencing. To contact our counsellor please email counsellor@wyke.ac.uk.  Safeguarding concerns can be signposted to counselling where they can be explored and discussed in more depth.


The College has a comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection policy which recognises its statutory obligations in providing a safe learning environment.  There is a designated senior lead for Safeguarding, Assistant Principal Chris Herring. Supplementary policies regarding safeguarding, such as e-safety, are available on the College website.  The College has an educational visits policy and procedures which includes risk assessments that are centrally managed in line with current guidance and legislation.  The campus has an onsite drop off and pickup zone located next to the main building.

Please contact Rebecca Bolder, Designated Safeguarding Officer, via email at rebecca.bolder@wyke.ac.uk if you require any further information or wish to discuss a concern.


The college distributes information about health needs to teaching staff via our electronic system once students have declared a health or disability issue and have agreed to the information being shared.  Some medication can be stored on site (please speak to Margaret Cordeaux, Learning Support Manager in the first instance about this).  In some cases study programmes can be modified to accommodate disability or health needs.  In cases where absences are likely to be lengthy, the college can implement a Fit to Study Plan where support will be provided for the student to complete their courses where possible.


Parents may contact their son or daughter’s tutor at any time by telephone or email to discuss progress.  The Learning Support Manager can also be contacted to arrange a meeting during the college day or after hours (tel 01482 346347). Parents can find out about their son/daughter’s progress and attendance via the parent portal.  Progress reviews are done several times a year and grades and comments given from all subject areas and from the student’s tutor are sent to parents.

Student Voice

Students who have Learning Support are invited to complete an anonymous questionnaire each year to gather information about their views and how we can improve our service for them.

Progress Mentoring and Review

All students have their progress monitored regularly by progress tutors.  Parents are also invited to consultation evenings to discuss progress.  Students with support needs and their parents are invited to discuss any issues in relation to support with the Learning Support Manager, Margaret Cordeaux, who is present at all consultation evenings and College Open Evenings.  Students who have support complete an Individual Support Plan with a member of the Learning Support Department and this is reviewed twice yearly.  Parents may be contacted by letter, phone call or email to keep them up to date with support issues regarding their son or daughter.

Financial Help

The College aims to give support where possible to students in financial hardship.  College bursaries are available.