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Introducing the Wyke Student Executive

By 28th May 2021News
Image of the new Wyke Student Executive

At Wyke, we are proud to work with our students to get their voices heard. One way this happens is through the Wyke Student Executive, an elected cohort of students who come together to arrange events for a huge number of different causes across the college.  We recently elected a new Student Executive and our new panel are here to introduce themselves and give a little more information about their roles.

Morgan Mays, President: “The role of Student Executive President means that I manage the team to ensure that everyone has a job and it is completed on time. I organise key events in the college and meet with senior staff on a regular basis to propose ideas for events and get them approved.”

Autumn Stewart, Vice President: “As Vice President of the Student Executive, I fill in for Morgan during meetings when he isn’t available. I also attend meetings with senior staff to get ideas approved. Another part of my role is to help with the organisation and planning of events across the college, as well as helping put together promotional information.”

Harvey Jarvis, Secretary: “My role as Secretary to the Student Executive is to write the minutes for each meeting to ensure we have a record and an action plan for the various roles across the executive. I am also there to be another voice in the room and actively take part in meetings.”

Vinny Crosskill, Treasurer: “My role as Treasurer means that I finalise payments and take care of anything to do with money. I make sure that everything arrives on time for events and I also help to set everything up as well.”

Sophie Bellringer, Environmental Officer: “In my role as Environmental Officer, I evaluate the environmental impact the college has and come up with possible solutions to any issues. I also raise awareness on environmental topics, such as plastic pollution. I am also responsible to try and help minimise the environmental impact of the executive and organise environmental awareness events in the college.”

Sam Pattinson, Wellbeing Officer: “My role as Wellbeing Officer is to ensure the Student Executive events and promotional materials are inclusive and keep within the college guidelines. I help with the day-to-day running of the executive and planning of events.”

Finnan West, Marketing, Media & Promotions and Wyke Pride President: “My role is to put together the promotional materials to highlight what the Student Executive have planned across the college. I am also President of Wyke Pride and organise Pride events across the college.”

Alisha Rainger, Additional Member: “My role in the Student Executive is to help and support the team wherever is needed across the college. I pick up any job that needs to be done to make sure the executive runs smoothly.”

Elizabeth Hitchenor, Additional Member: “My role is to support the Student Executive in the running of their events across the college. Like Alisha, I pick up any job that needs to be done to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Be sure to stop and say hi whenever you see them around the college!