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Graphic Designer Ella

Wyke’s Graphic Design Department is well experienced in guiding students to success. Over the last 3 years, students who studied A Level Graphic Design have gone on to study the subject at degree level at institutions as diverse as Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Norwich, Bristol, Cambridge and London.

Ella Bristow was one of those students. Ella studied a full creative programme at Wyke choosing A Level Graphic Design, A Level Fine Art and A Level Media Studies.

Ella worked extremely hard throughout her time at Wyke and achieved fantastic grades in all of her subjects. Ella is now completing her third year in Graphic Design at Norwich University.

The design brief for Ella’s below work (left) was Science Fiction, were she used digital and handmade process to skilfully illustrate and narrate the characters from the animated film “Walle”

Her coursework final design work illustration and infographic (right) illustrate the damage and impact of plastics on wildlife and the environment.

Well done Ella! We can’t wait to see where your Graphic Design degree takes you in the future.