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Gold Crest for Cory

By 17th May 2016Awards, News

Wyke would like to congratulate Cory Thurlow for achieving a Gold Crest Award.

The award is run by the British Science Association and requires students to conduct a research project that contributes something new to the scientific community or a particular field of study.

For his project, Cory decided to research different types of cancer cells to find the most appropriate treatment. He completed the award at the University of Hull in the Bioscience laboratories with the help of Dr Chris Cawthorne, a lecturer in Molecular Biology. For the practical aspects of the research, Cory was supported by a PhD student.

Cory is currently completing A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography at the College. In September, he is planning to study Biochemistry at Newcastle University with the aim of becoming a medical researcher.

For more information on the Gold Crest Award, go to: