GCSE Results Day and Your Next Steps

GCSE Results Day takes place on Thursday 12th August 2021. We wish you every success on the day.

Following Results Day, you are required to upload your results to the Applicant Portal.  You can enter your grades from 12th August when you receive your results, and the final deadline for us to receive them is midnight on Sunday 15th August. If you have been successful and met the entry requirements you will be invited to attend an enrolment appointment in the initial batch of invitations.

Successful applicants who have met the entry requirements for their chosen courses will receive a specific date and time to come and enrol with us. This letter will also provide guidance for your appointment such as what to bring with you on the day. This will include confirmation of your GCSE results.

Starting Wyke

Following successful completion of the above, your first day as a Wyke student will be Thursday 9th September 2021. We can’t wait to welcome you then. Don’t forget to bring your completed summer work!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Portal?
You can access the Portal by going to https://applicantportal.wyke.ac.uk/

What if I am having trouble accessing the portal?

Please watch this short video which explains how to access the applicant portal. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please email urgent@wyke.ac.uk

What if I still cannot access the portal or do not have the technology to enter my grades?

Our campus will be open on Thursday 12th August and Friday 13th August between the hours of 9am-4pm for students to come and site and use our computers and network.

How do I put my results on the Applicant Portal?

Please watch our short information video.


·         When you log into your applicant portal, use the Qual/Grade Entry option on the menu on the left-hand side.

·         The screen will show all the qualifications that you have already told us about, with your predicted grades. Unlock the screen using the padlock symbol. You can then enter your actual grades using the drop downs for each subject under the actual grade box. The year taken will default to 2021, if you took the qualification in a different year, please change this option.

·         If you have not actually taken one or more of the subjects listed, please remove it using the ‘remove’ option. If you have sat additional qualifications which are not already listed on your application, please add these using the ‘add another’ option and select your qualification from the list. The system will request an offer grade, so please add your grade as both offer grade and actual grade. You will also need to enter the year taken for any that you are entering yourself.

·         You will only be able to add grades which relate to the type of qualifications e.g. GCSEs have 1-9 and A*-G (and U) options. GCSEs taken since 2017 (Maths and English) or 2018 (other subjects) will be graded 1-9. If you have sat Combined / Trilogy / Double Science and received a dual grade you must enter this as two separate grades by selecting GCSE Double Science – 1st Grade and GCSE Double Science – 2nd Grade.  If you have sat Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects, please choose these as separate subjects and enter a grade for each.

·         Vocational subjects (BTECs and CTECs) have DS* (Distinction*), DS (Distinction), ME (Merit), PA (Pass) and U. These are all L2 grades which should be entered if you achieved a L2 Pass or above. If you achieved a L1 grade in a vocational subject, please contact us separately on urgent@wyke.ac.uk

·         If a subject / qualification type that you have taken is not listed or you are unsure, please contact us on urgent@wyke.ac.uk  It is important that your grade entry is accurate, so please do be certain of the qualifications / subjects that you are entering, or check anything you are uncertain about. Once you are happy that your grades have been entered accurately, please save them by clicking the green tick.

You can enter your grades from 12th August when you receive your results, and the final deadline for us to receive them is midnight on Sunday 15th August.

Please check that you have access to your applicant portal in plenty of time and if you have any issues contact us on urgent@wyke.ac.uk We recommend not waiting until the grade input window opens to check that you can access your portal to avoid any delays.

What happens at my enrolment appointment?

During your enrolment appointment, we will firm up your course choices and have a final discussion with you to ensure that these choices best reflect your interests and future aspirations. We will also provide information, advice and guidance on all other aspects of college life including our transport provision, financial support, enrichment and trip opportunities and any additional learning support you may require. Your enrolment appointment also provides a fantastic opportunity for you to ask any last-minute questions before starting with us in September.

What if I am unable to attend my enrolment appointment?

If you are on holiday during our enrolment period (31 August – 2 September 2021) you will need to make arrangements for someone to attend on your behalf to authorise your enrolment onto courses whilst you are away.  As there is a possibility that courses could be full if you do not do so. Please email MIS@wyke.ac.uk and we will send you a letter and form that must be completed so that we have details of the person you are authorising to act as your proxy enroller. Additionally, that person will need access to and be able to produce a copy of your Summer 2021 examination to finalise your enrolment at the date and time allocated.

What do I need to bring with me to my enrolment appointment?

 At your enrolment appointment, you will be required to bring your GCSE results along with you as evidence that you have met the entry requirements for your courses. If you are not a British citizen, we also ask for you to bring appropriate documentation with you. Further information will be provided on your enrolment invitation letter.

 How long will my enrolment appointment last?

We would recommend giving yourself one hour for your enrolment appointment. A typical enrolment appointment will not last this long but this gives you some time if you have additional questions or concerns or if you would like to have a further conversation with a specialist member of our team, e.g. Transport Manager or Learning Support Manager.

Can a family member or friend accompany me to my enrolment appointment?

Yes, we support family members attending enrolment as long as the government guidance allows for this.

What do I do if I am on holiday when results are released and I am unable to enter them in the window?
Please liaise with your school to grant access to your results while you are away and use the Portal to upload them, or contact us on the webchat or by email with your grades and we can help support with the upload.
What do I do I haven’t met the entry criteria for the courses I’ve applied for?

Please still upload your results and we will be in touch with you regarding an enrolment interview.