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Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your Ears

students performing Julius Caesar

On 22nd November, 15 Wyke Sixth Form College students took to the stage at the Grimsby Auditorium to perform William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The SSF is one of the UK’s largest youth drama festivals, with over 1100 schools and colleges participating in 2016.

The aim of the festival is to encourage young people from primary school to college age to actively experience and appreciate the work of Shakespeare through the performance of his work. The SSF offer 21 shortened versions of plays for students to choose from and provide support through workshops for both students and staff.

Former Kelvin Hall School student Elsie Loades spoke about why Wyke chose to perform Julius Caesar: “We decided that with the current political climate that the issues addressed in the play mirrored what we are witnessing now. We have had such an amazing day, all of the hard work we have done leading up to the performance has really paid off. I would recommend performing in the SSF to anyone who loves Shakespeare, even if they haven’t performed on stage before.”

Following the performance, teacher of English Literature Catherine Baker said: “Throughout the day, the students were a true credit to the College, their performance was fantastic and I’m really proud of them all.”