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Flyers Programme Launch – 1st Year Students

By 30th September 2020News for Parents
wyke flyers

Wyke Sixth Form College is hosting a Virtual Flyers Programme Launch event for all 1st year students who have been invited by email to join our Wyke Flyers Programme. The event is for both students and their parent/guardians.

The Programme is designed to deliver the specific content that students need to apply for selective universities and highly selective apprenticeship routes. It is a unique package of support and experiences that will provide academic challenge alongside opportunities to explore the options available post Wyke. The programme is about ensuring students realise their potential both here at Wyke and beyond and will complement students academic and extra-curricular programme of study.

The launch will give an introduction to the Flyers Programme and what it entails, along with detailing the route specific options available to students including our Pre-Medical Programme and Oxbridge Programme which run alongside.


Thursday 8th October




Online webinar

To access the online webinar, please go to: 

We look forward to welcoming you onto the Programme.