Enrichment Programme Timetable

Exciting Enrichment Opportunities

Thank you for signing up to your enrichment/s. At Wyke we believe that a rounded Enrichment Programme goes beyond your academic course choices, as gaining great qualifications is just one aspect of your time here. We offer a variety of Enrichment options, from gaining an extra qualification, joining a sports team to learning a new hobby or skill. As part of your programme of study there is an expectation that all students engage in the Enrichment Programme during their time at Wyke Sixth Form College. Participating in Enrichment opportunities enables you to showcase yourself as an individual, not just a learner and help you to stand out from the crowd when applying for University, apprenticeships or employment.

Our Enrichment opportunities are split into three categories; Academic, Whole College and Clubs and Societies.

You can find more details for the enrichments that you have signed up for below. If you have any further questions about a particular enrichment please email the dedicated enrichment lead.

Academic Enrichments

The expertise and passion from subject teachers filters into to our Enrichment Programme, with many teachers offering a range of academic societies, competitions and qualifications to develop knowledge, skills and interest in a particular area, supporting you with your next steps.

Enrichment Led by When? Where? Cost to Students?
Flyers Programme Ella Miller Half Termly Teams Dependent on Trips
Oxbridge Programme Paul Hamer 121 with Individual Students N/A No
EPQ Paul Yardley Tuesday Lunchtime Theatre No
Pre-Medical Programme Kim Lawrence Year 1 Specific Timetable

Year 2 Tuesday Lunch

Year 1 as Timetable

Year 2 Ash 6

Core Maths Gareth Eldon Timetable Ash 28 No
Pre-STEM Emily Rae Year 1 Monday Lunch


Year 2 Thursday Lunch

Ash 24 No
Pre-Law/ Law Society Paul Hamer Friday Lunch (Every Two Weeks) Teams No
Pre-Physiotherapy Hollie Rhodes Tuesday 1.00pm Elm 4 No
Dance Grade 6 Laura Bulless Friday 11.30am

Friday 1.40pm

Elm 3 £20
Pre-Teaching Vicky Riseham Friday Ash 39 No


Whole College Enrichments

From joining a sports team or squad, to playing an instrument, this is a great way to meet and make new friends and improve your teamwork and leadership skills, all whilst improving your physical health. Keep an eye on the College Production Launch 😉

Enrichment Led by When? Where? Cost to Students?
Dance Squad Commercial (Competition) Laura Bulless Monday Lunch Elm 3 Dependent on Competition
Dance Squad Contemporary (Competition) Laura Bulless Friday Lunch Elm 3 Dependent on Competition
College Production (Sister Act) Laura Andersson Monday 1.40pm

Wednesday 1.40pm

Theatre £5
College Production Technical Theatre (Sister Act) Laura Andersson Monday Lunch Theatre and Tech. Box No
Orchestra Sandy Clark Monday Lunch Theatre No
Pop Choir Laura Andersson Friday Lunch Theatre No
Music – Choir and Ensemble Sandy Clark Wednesday 2.50pm Music Studio No
Music- Instruments Sandy Clark TBC Small Music Rooms Individual Costs
Wyke Sesh Steve Cutler TBC Oak 58 No
Sports Teams Kate Clark Monday 1pm

Wednesday 1pm

Sports Hall

Off Site

Sports Fixtures Coordination Kate Clark NA N/A N/A
Personal Training PE Students Only Kate Clark Tuesday 11.30am

Thursday 1.40pm

Tuesday 11.30am

Thursday 1.40pm

Student Executive Sam Laverick Wednesday Lunch Wednesday Lunch No
Duke of Edinburgh Sarah Thackray Year 1 – Tuesday 11.30am

Year 1 – Tuesday 1.40pm

Year 1 – Friday 11.30am

Year 2 – Wednesday 11.30am

Year 1 – Tuesday 11.30am

Year 1 – Tuesday 1.40pm

Year 1 – Friday 11.30am

Year 2 – Wednesday 11.30am

Approx. £200 per student
Wyke Press and Media HUB Friday Lunch Oak 37 No

Clubs and Societies

Join one of our fantastic clubs or societies to expand on current interests or just to try out something new. Clubs and societies are also a great way make new friends and contribute to the wider college community.

Enrichment Led by When? Where? Cost to Students?
LGBT Society Sandy Clark Friday Lunch Wilson 13 No
Deaf Awareness/BSL Vicky Riseham TBC TBC No
Coding Antoine Robinson Wednesday Lunch Ash 40 No
Esports Tom Clegg Wednesday Lunch Virtual No
Film Club Harvi Kaur Wednesday 2.40pm-4.00pm Oak 36 No
Song Writing Lucy Sykes TBC TBC No
Holiday Spanish Lucy McClean Monday 6.30pm-7.30pm Teams No
Holiday French Nicola Johnson Monday 6.30pm-7.30pm Teams No
Creative Writing Catherine Baker Wednesday 1pm Ash 33 No
Student Crew Victoria Richardson TBC TBC No
Wyke Eco Group Sarah’ O Sullivan/ Kerry Thompson Thursday 1pm Wilson 15 No
Current Affairs Club Pete Carpenter Friday Lunch Wilson 20 No
Yoga Rebecca Bolder TBC TBC No
Literature Society Jenny West Friday 1pm Ash 33 No
Lego Theraplay Sandy Willis Thursday Lunch Oak 3 No
Bingo/Quiz Sandy Willis Wednesday Lunch Oak 3 No
Craft Club Sandy Willis Friday Lunch Oak 3 No
Talking Tables Sandy Willis Tuesday Lunch Oak 3 No
Preparation for Adulthood Sandy Willis Tuesday 11.30am

Wednesday 11.30am

Oak 3 No
Fitness Class (HIIT) Kate Clark Friday Lunch Sports Hall No