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Economic Students Target Competition

By 2nd December 2014Course News, News

Four A level Economics students recently competed in the prestigious “Target 2.0 Bank of England” competition in York, against four other schools/sixth form colleges.

The team were phenomenal and rewarded as runners-up. The drive to achieve excellence was evident when the result was announced as the students were bitterly disappointed as they felt they had done enough to win.

Course leader Jo Morgan said, “I’m immensely proud of all four members of the team who have dedicated countless hours researching, constructing the presentation and working with each other to what was almost a winning combination. I felt that the presentation was flawless and when grilled by the judges the team consulted and provided accurate, insightful and detailed responses.”

Each team member was certainly dressed to impress and we know that once they get over the initial disappointment they will reflect on an experience that has strongly enhanced their economic understanding. The competition is about some much more than winning, it provides an excellent platform to build on many transferable skills such as teamwork, delivery of material, self-confidence and working under pressure.