Philosophy, Ethics & Religious Studies

A Level

The course will offer you an in depth study of Philosophy and Ethics.  There will be an opportunity to develop what you have already learned about in GSCE Religious Studies and the opportunity to investigate new and more complex philosophical and ethical problems.

An A Level in Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies requires you to develop many important transferable skills such as essay writing and critical analysis, offering you a strong foundation with which to continue your education at university.

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A Level Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies requires you to achieve at least the minimum entry requirements for your chosen pathway plus a grade 5 or higher in GCSE English Language and English Literature and a grade 5 or higher in at least one humanities subject, e.g. Geography, Government and Politics, History, Law or Religious Studies.




We have a specialist RS classroom with all the key resources required for teaching and learning in PERS. You will be helped in your studies a highly experienced subject specialist who has many successful years of experience of A Level teaching.


Philosophy 1

  • Greek Philosophy
  • Body and Soul
  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Religious experience
  • The Problem of Evil


Ethical Theory

  • Utilitarianism
  • Situation Ethics
  • Natural Law
  • Kantian ethics

Practical Ethics

  • Euthanasia
  • Business ethics
  • Sexual ethics



  • Beliefs about Human Nature
  • Beliefs about Death and the Afterlife


  • Knowledge of God’s existence
  • The Person of Jesus Christ


  • Christian moral principles
  • Christian moral action



  • Ideas about the nature of God
  • Religious language


  • Conscience
  • Ethical Language and Thought

Christian Theology 2


  • Religious Pluralism
  • The Challenge of Secularism

Developments in Christian thought

  • Feminist Theology
  • Liberation Theology

Over the two years at Wyke you will study three components:  Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Developments in Christian Thought. Each unit will be examined at the end of your second year. There will be an internal exam at the end of your first year which you will need to pass in order to progress to the second year. The three components are studied across both years, with the elements in Year 2 building on Year 1.


There are many opportunities for enrichment within the PERS department. We run a bi-annual trip to Rome and every year you will have the chance to attend at least one student conference specifically tailored to the specification we follow, as well as this there are many opportunities throughout the year to attend relevant lectures at local universities and guest speakers here at Wyke along with Sociology students.

At Wyke we recognise that applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are particularly competitive and over the last few years Wyke has supported 24 students to gain places onto these course at university. In addition to the careers and UCAS advice in college we offer an establish programme to support students considering applying for these subjects. The PERS department supports the Pre-Medical Programme with the ethical and philosophical aspects of applications to these degrees and delivers sessions which link to these areas of your application.


Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies is an academically challenging course and most students find the start of their A Levels demanding. The key to success is preparation and organisation, and students who attend the Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies sessions at Wyke Start have a much more assured and confident start to their studies. Studying A Levels is very different from the teaching and learning you have been used to at school. On the Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies course, you will be expected to be independent learners, who take initiative and work hard outside of your lessons. There will be a lot of reading and writing to do on the course and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you come prepared to every lesson. This is an essay-based course and it is imperative that your writing is of a good standard.


Vardy, P. The Puzzle of Ethics

Vardy, P. The Puzzle of God

Vardy, P. The Puzzle of Evil

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