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History is a very popular subject, for it appeals greatly to students seeking to develop their analytical skills, and those who wish to
appreciate how the modern world evolved. History influences our lives in so many more ways than people consider, and this course – covering twentieth century American History, India’s Struggle for Independence from 1914 to 1948, and British Experience of Warfare from 1793 to 1918 – provides a firm foundation of historical understanding. A Level History is for students who wish to expand their critical thinking, and who are keen to marvel and debate the events and circumstances which shaped the modern world. History is a perfect accompaniment to all of the humanitarian subjects, and is a popular choice for students who love History and have aspirations in law, civil service, the media, heritage, military, police and business management – to name a few among many career paths.

This A Level is a recognised facilitating subject for a wide range of undergraduate courses. It is also an ideal enabling subject for students with ambitions to be considered for Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

80% Examination
20% Coursework

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Course content

The A Level History programme here at Wyke comprises of three taught modules, with an independently-researched coursework component to be undertaken in the second year of study. In this programme, students will study the following fascinating history:

A level History is taught as a ‘linear’ course, which means that the course runs for two years with the final assessment/exams at the end of the two years. It is expected that students of history at Wyke will study towards their A Level for the full two years. The programme of study and assessment is outlined below:

A Level History, Edexcel Route F

Year 1 Programme Paper 1 – Breadth Study with Interpretations Paper 2 – Depth Study
Percentage of A Level 30%   20% 
Topics studied  

Paper 1: In Search of the American Dream: The USA 1917-96

Paper 2: India, 1914-48:  Road to Independence
Assessment 2hrs. 15mins. Exam comprising two essay questions and one interpretation question 1hr. 30mins. Exam comprising one source question and one essay question
Year 2 Programme Paper 3 – Studies in breadth and depth Coursework
Percentage of A Level 30%  20% 
Topics studied

Paper 3: British Experience of Warfare, 1790-1918

Independent research enquiry into historical interpretations:
Origins of the First World War
Female Suffrage
Russian Revolution
Battle of Trafalgar
Assessment 2hrs. 15mins. Exam – source question and two essays Assessment comprises of a 3-4000 word essay

Exam Board

A Level History here at Wyke is an Edexcel two-year linear course, with 80% of assessment to be completed at the end of the two year course of study.

How the course is delivered

Each History class takes place in a dedicated History classroom, with the resources appropriate to the course immediately to hand. Teaching and learning combine presentations, discussions, and debates, skills lessons including essay writing skills, source analysis, exam techniques, research skills, and teamwork activities. We at Wyke encourage independent learning and critical thinking, and so expect students to be actively involved at all times, and to undertake plenty of reading. Striving toward 100% attendance is also crucial to success in A-Level History.

Departmental Enrichment

This year, the History Department will be taking History students to various places of international historic importance, including Washington, Auschwitz, and Belgium Battlefield Tours. The History department also runs Master Classes for students with a passion for History, and for those who have high ambitions in the subject. The History department is also keen to invite University lecturers in History to come to Wyke to talk to our History students, thereby giving them a taste of studying History at University.

The History Department at Wyke Sixth Form College

All History students are issued with a substantial body of learning materials including books, maps, printed notes, study guides, historical sources, essay plans and revision exercises. Additional learning materials, together with supplementary learning resources, are available for students to access on the College intranet.

The Department also has a substantial library of History books for students to use. Members of the History staff team provide additional support for those students who need further guidance regarding their written work, and more generally for students who wish to discuss issues arising from the topics which they have been studying.

What can I do now that would help prepare me for this course?

Choose a prominent figure or event from the last 200 years who you find interesting — perhaps Admiral Nelson, Lord Wellington, Otto von Bismarck, General Haig, David Lloyd George, Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, Mao Tse Tung, John F. Kennedy, the Napoleonic Wars, the First World War, the Second World War, the Civil Rights Movement and so on — and then try to research your chosen subject. Consider what it was that made them so important, powerful or influential. Rather than merely relying on Google or Wikipedia, go to the central library and find a biography of your chosen figure, and dip into the book to find out more about their personality, beliefs and attitudes. Consider their achievements in the context of the difficulties of the period. Possessing more detailed knowledge of such an individual or event will provide you with a useful analytical perspective to help with your future studies of History.

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