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This A Level covers a range of social and cultural topics that relate to the countries where German is spoken, such as youth culture, reunification and the study of Berlin. We currently offer a residential trip to Berlin.

You will be using a range of skills to study both these topics and the film Goodbye, Lenin! as well as the play Andorra. As a research project in your second year, you will be able to choose a topic related to a German-speaking country to discuss in your speaking exam. Weekly speaking sessions with a native speaker will help build up your confidence and improve your fluency.

German can be combined with a variety of subjects at university – it is not just a subject which leads to jobs in translation, interpreting or education since employees with German skills are highly sought after, especially in the field of manufacturing, engineering and business. Former Wyke students have gone on to study German with Law, Politics, Business and Chinese.

100% Examination: Listening, reading, writing paper; Essay paper; Speaking exam

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A Level German requires you to achieve at least the minimum entry requirements for your chosen pathway plus a grade 6 or higher in GCSE German and a grade 5 or higher in GCSE English Language.




Lessons will be varied and stimulating, taught by a highly qualified teacher with a strong emphasis on communication. You will also have access to extensive support materials. The course includes a weekly conversation class with the Foreign Language Assistant. Topic booklets and handouts, based on the AQA recommended texts and materials, are issued throughout the course to every student.

You will study social change and cultural aspects of countries where the language is spoken, looking at areas such as family, technology and topics relevant to these countries.  You will also study highlights of the artistic culture of Germany, including music and cinema, and learn about political engagement in the countries where the language is spoken. In addition, you will explore the influence of the past on present-day communities.

Throughout your studies, you will learn the language in the context of the country and the issues and influences which have shaped it.  You will study a text and a film and will have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of your choice. Assessment tasks will be varied and cover listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.


Trips and cultural visits abroad have been offered to language students at Wyke to develop linguistic, cultural and personal skills. We currently offer a visit to Berlin in Germany. All these visits, run by experienced staff, offer a packed programme of cultural, educational and social events. Closer to home, staff arrange for students to attend special Language Days and workshops at Hull, Leeds and York University plus local film and theatre events when the opportunity arises.


You must have exposure to the target language wherever possible. If you get the opportunity to travel abroad or talk to people from German speaking countries, take it. Watch films or listen to music in the target language, read newspapers, magazines, books and websites and look at news sites online. Vocabulary and grammar are vital, so learn little and often, and really try to develop the habit of language learning.

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