Further Mathematics

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This course is aimed at students who are confident in achieving a 7, 8 or 9 in their Maths GCSE.

The course will look at areas of Maths that are outside of the normal Maths A Level and these areas are often different, not harder. You will look at matrices and complex number and other areas of pure maths and you will also expand you knowledge of statistics.

On the course you will learn about discrete maths that looks at problems to do with networks and also game theory.

This course is often taken as a 4th A Level and can only be taken alongside the A Level Maths course.

If you take Further Maths you are a lot more likely to achieve a better grade in the A Level Maths because you have a much better understanding of Mathematics A Level Further Maths is often a requirement for studying degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Economics and it is highly valued by Russell Group universities.

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Further Maths A level is made up of a prescribed core of Pure Mathematics topics and a series of units chosen to meet our student’s needs.

All exams are in the Summer of your second year.  This course is more difficult than A Level Mathematics; it explores a wider range of mathematical topics, some of which will be completely different to what you have covered before, and it demands a robust approach to mathematical techniques and notation.

The Pure Mathematics units introduce ideas such as complex numbers and matrices, building on the algebra, graphs and trigonometry from GCSE and A Level Mathematics. Further Mathematics takes forward ideas such as complex numbers and matrices introduced in the first year, and introduces ideas such as differential equations.  It also expands the algebraic and calculus work of A  Level Mathematics. While many of the ideas you will meet in Pure Mathematics are interesting in their own right, they also serve as an important foundation for other branches of Mathematics, especially Mechanics and Statistics.

The units we offer are reviewed regularly to meet the needs of our students.

The new syllabus will offer a range of options from the more in-depth study of pure topics to the expansion of the applied ideas covered in the A Level Mathematics course.

How the course is delivered

Each group is taught by a specialist Mathematics teacher each year.  This means students have one teacher for the Further Mathematics A Level, another for their A Level Mathematics lessons. These classes are paired together,  so the class for the Further Mathematics is the same group of students as the A Level Mathematics. This allows us to avoid overlap in the delivery and adapt the curriculum to suit both courses.

Support outside lessons is available, both informally and formally.  Regular “Mathematics clinic” sessions are run during the college week and all of the department are available for support at lunchtime.

Departmental Enrichment

The Mathematics Department offers a number of enrichment activities:

The Individual Senior Maths Challenge takes place in the autumn term.

The Team Challenge involves our students competing against other Maths students both at a regional and national level.

STEP is designed to challenge the top students and is offered to all students aiming for a place at  the more prestigious universities.

We also take a group of students to the Maths Enrichment talks in Leeds each year. These are always very popular and include topics such as “the maths of juggling”, “musical maths”, and “the maths behind the dam busters”.

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