Drama & Theatre Studies

A Level

This course may be great for you if you are interested in making and understanding drama and recognising it as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices of form, style and convention. This course is also ideal for students with a love of live theatre – as a spectator, a performer and a designer.

The course examines what the purpose of theatre is and develops your knowledge and understanding of a variety of styles of play scripts from different times. It also looks at how practitioners have influenced the creation and innovation of live theatre.

30% Practical
30% Coursework
40% Examination

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Course content


A Level Drama and Theatre Studies requires you to achieve at least the minimum entry requirements for your chosen pathway. You will also be required to attend a short audition in the summer term.




Written and theoretical drama (70% of A Level)

You will be required to complete a 3 hour written paper answering:

1 essay style question based on a given text in the first section.
3 shorter question responses based on a given extract from another contrasting text.
1 essay style response to a question regarding a piece of live performance seen during the course (40%).
Complete a working notebook regarding the creation of their own short play (20%).
Complete a reflective report on the 3 extracts explored through practical workshops (10%)

Performance and practical drama (30% of A Level)

In this unit, you will explore extracts from 3 different texts through practical workshops. The final one will be presented for assessment as a formal performance in front of a visiting external examiner (20%).
You will also be required to create a own short play in small groups for formal assessment in front of a target audience (10%).


Component 1: Written Paper 1 – Drama & Theatre (40%)
A 3 hour written exam
Section A: 1 question (from a choice) on one of the set plays.
Section B: 1 three-part question on a given extract from one of the set plays.
Section C: 1 question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makers in a singled live theatre production.

Component 2: Coursework – Creating Original Drama (30%)
3000 word working notebook on the process of creating original drama (20%)
Examined practical performance of the original drama (10%)
(Includes a 150-word ‘explanation of intentions’ document)

Component 3: Coursework – Making Theatre (30%)
2000 word Reflective Report based on the exploration and development of 3 extracts from 3 separate contrasting texts (10%)
Examined practical Performance of extract 3 with exploration influenced by a given prescribed examiner (20%)
(Includes 150-word ‘explanation of intentions’ document)


The College production enrichment is not just open to students who would like to either sing, act, dance or perform, but also to students who have a passion and interest in the behind the scenes working of a production. Opportunities to publicise and work front-of-house, stage-manage, fit and source costume, hair and make-up, scenery shifting and props preparation exist, as well as the chance to run lighting and sound cues, direct and choreograph scenes. If you have any interest in theatre we would love you to get on board.

You will be required to participate in a minimum of 2 rehearsal sessions per week, running from September to March. This will also include full commmitment to rehearsals during the February half-term and possibly lunchtimes/after college.

How much does it cost?
There will be no initial cost to participate in this enrichment. However, you may want to source your own costume items that may incur a reimbursable fee with receipts.

What is our purpose?
The emphasis is on teamwork and collaboration. We want you to experience the highs of performing and bonding as a company during the entire process, working closely with one-another and creating a production that truly reflects the commitment, determination and talent of you, the students.

We hope that you will establish new friendships and a real sense of achievement and pride will be created.


The department recommend that you attend one of our scheduled open events to learn more about this exciting course. We also recommend that you come along to your taster sessions within this subject at Wyke Start, our two-day taster event in July. You will also be given some summer work to complete following this event to help you prepare for your first few weeks on the course.

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