Foundation Year /Bridge to Level 3

Our foundation year is for students who intend to study at Level 3 but who don’t quite achieve the grades required at the end of year 11.

This one year bridging course gives students the opportunity to gain their Level 2 qualifications which will enable them to progress onto a level 3 programme the year after.

The programme has three key elements:

1. Core GCSEs

You will take any core GCSEs that you need to improve your grade in.

The core GCSEs are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science

2. Specialist GCSEs / BTECs

You can add the specialist GCSEs or BTECs that best support your plans for advanced study. You will select these courses from a small selection at enrolment.

3. Level 3 course

Where appropriate, and in accordance with grades achieved at GCSE, we may allow one of your choices to be replaced with a level 3 course.

You will have a personal tutor who monitors your progress and oversees your progression from the bridge course to advanced courses in your second and third year at Wyke.