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Accounting provides an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue a career in the financial sector and for those considering starting their own business.

The course has been developed in association with the professional bodies, including CIMA and ICAEW and thus incorporates an element of both financial and management accounting, therefore providing a solid knowledge of the subject for those entering the accounting profession.

Accounting allows students to develop quantitative data analysis and interpretation skills, whilst the inclusion of ethics and an emphasis on management accounting will give students the confidence to communicate information to non-accountants and future clients.

100% Examination

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Course content

Exam Board

This course follows the AQA A Level specification. This consists of 2 A Level units. These will be examined at the end of the second year of the course and each examination will be worth 50% of the final grade.

Course Details

The course will focus on both financial and management accounting and will therefore offer a relevant pathway into both Chartered and Certified Accounting.

The course has been developed in conjunction with both CIMA and ICAEW and links with accounting qualifications post College including;

  • The role of the accountant in an organisation;
  • Double entry;
  • Verification of accounting records;
  • Understanding and application of accounting concepts;
  • Preparation of final accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies;
  • Investment appraisal;
  • Standard costing– comparison and evaluation of budgeted and actual figures;
  • Marginal Costing;
  • Accounting for organisations with incomplete records;
  • Budgeting; and
  • The impact of ethical considerations.

Although the course is largely numerical, there will be a requirement to explain the reasoning and possible impacts on an organisation behind the calculations.

How is the course delivered?

The A Level course is delivered over 2 academic years. Students will receive 4 hours 40 minutes of lessons per week, although they are also expected to complete work independently outside of lessons. Each group is taught by one teacher and the focus within lessons will be very much upon applying the concepts taught within the classroom to accounting based problems. This will be backed up by thorough and regular classroom based assessment.

Departmental Enrichment

The department aims to support students in arranging relevant work experience with both local and national firms. Students will be supported in their application for accountancy training programmes and applications to university.

Guest speakers will also visit the college on a regular basis to offer advice to students on the available pathways into the profession.

Where can this course take me?

82% of Wyke students achieve A*-C grades, with 75% of students achieving at least 1 A*/A grades in their examinations.

Whilst over 70% of students progress onto university, a growing number of Wyke students are taking up opportunities on Higher Apprenticeships and Employment.

What can I do now to help me prepare for this course?

Keep a keen eye on the financial world around you – watch the movements of the stock market and think about any shares you might like to invest in and the reasons why.

Watch the news! Identify key events that may be happening around the world which may have a positive or negative impact upon the performance of a business.

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