Course Information

Wyke College has a broad range of courses to match student interests, ambitions and ability. Most students choose Wyke to study A levels or a BTEC Level 3 qualification but we also offer courses at Level 2. The programme of study you will follow at Wyke will depend on your entry qualifications and of course your interests and future aspirations.

Level 3 Study Programme

At Wyke we offer more than 40 different level three courses, allowing you to put together a programme of study that exactly matches your interests, strengths and future aspirations. As an academic sixth form college, we have the breadth and depth to deliver your course choices without clashes.

The main change the Government has made to A levels is to reshape them into two year linear courses. This means all the examinations that count to the final qualification will be at the end of the two year course.

At Wyke students will choose the three or four A level courses that they will study over two years. Alongside these courses students will study at least one elective, one-year course. This pattern of study allows students to maintain a good breadth of study in their first year and be well placed to focus on their linear exams in their second year.

Once your application has been made, to help you with your course choices, and to discuss entry criteria and any other queries you may have, all applicants are offered an informal interview, which gives you an opportunity to discuss your options and to select the best course combination with a member of staff.

A Level Courses

Wyke offers about 40 of these courses, including some which will be new to you, such as Film Studies, Photography and Government and Politics. These are in addition to the A Levels in Arts, Humanities and Sciences.
A Level courses are all linear which means the exams that contribute to your A Level grades are all taken at the end of the two year courses. At Wyke most students take three A levels, however those with excellent GCSE grades can take four if they choose to.

BTEC Courses

You may choose to study one of these courses which are more practical and work oriented than GCSEs or A Levels but of equal value. BTEC courses are available at advanced and intermediate levels. Advanced courses usually last for two years. BTEC advanced courses are equivalent to one, two or three A levels (depending on the subject). The majority of our BTEC students at Wyke go on to further study at university. Students at Wyke have the option to mix and match vocational and academic qualifications if they wish.

GCSE Courses

Wyke offers a range of GCSE courses. These include many that are offered in schools and others which will be new to you. Students may be looking to resit a GCSE or to take a new GCSE combined with a subject at another level. The main difference about doing GCSEs at Wyke is that unlike at school, your courses are designed to be completed in one year.

Courses for Life

In addition to your academic studies at Wyke, you have the chance to take part in a number of non-examination courses designed to broaden student’s experience. These include Football and Badminton and The Cross-College production.