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Going Above and Beyond

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At the recent Sixth Form Colleges Association awards, Wyke was one of several colleges who received recognition for their efforts in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. From the beginning of lockdown, the college endeavoured to make sure that students suffered as minimal disruption to their studies as possible and adapted its approach to teaching and learning to support everyone.

Principal Paul Britton said: “I am immensely proud of all students, staff and parents for their remarkable efforts throughout the last year. Despite all the challenges, every student has been able to access every lesson and we are confident they will go on to achieve the fantastic results they deserve. We have learnt a lot but we are now looking forward to getting back to giving students the fantastic face to face experiences that we are known for this autumn.”

The college utilised Microsoft Teams as a learning platform, enabling staff to maintain teaching a full curriculum for all students. The high standard of teaching provided remotely was helped by significant investment in student devices, ensuring that every student at the college could access their lessons remotely and engage fully in their learning programmes. Upon returning to the site when restrictions were eased, the college adopted a 50:50 approach with a year group attending in-person teaching on site and the other engaging with remote learning, before switching over the following week. Following the most recent lockdown, the college utilised lateral flow testing as a way of identifying cases and minimising the risk of an outbreak. The outstanding effort from volunteers at the college testing centre resulted in a swift and easy process which allowed staff and students to return to work and lessons as normal.

With the cancellation of all live and in-person events, the college came together and delivered a series of livestreamed events and taster days, including Virtual Wyke Start and Legally Blonde. These enabled new applicants to virtually tour the site, interact with teachers and support staff, ask questions about life at the college, and see what opportunities are open to them. Enrichment activities were able to continue throughout the pandemic by engaging with virtual platforms. Students were able to experience a range of different guest speakers, including local MPs, universities, and career experts. Staff and students also produced a series of videos for the “Wyke Workout”, which aimed to motivate and encourage the college community to engage with physical activity as a way of promoting positive mental wellbeing.

The college’s efforts were reflected in some of the kind and positive comments received from both students and their parents/guardians, including: “I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for all the support and information that you have given over the last few weeks. Thank you for trying to alleviate as much stress for your students as you have possibly been able to.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our students, staff, parents and guardians for all your hard work and resilience through what has been an incredibly tough year. This award recognises all of you and your remarkable efforts to keep going despite the disruption and uncertainty. We wish you all a happy and safe summer break.


Alicia Abbott designs County Lines Awareness music video

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Wyke student Alicia Abbot has been busy working on her final portfolio for her Fine Art and Graphics courses, but has found the time to work with Hull based design company INIT Creative to design and develop a music video to raise awareness of county lines drug running. Working in conjunction with Hull charity, BeatsBus, the video is designed to highlight the issues and dangers surrounding county lines drugs running and how to the spot the signs of a young person becoming involved.

Alicia was involved throughout the whole process, which has seen her create the characters in the style of Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame. Adam Storch and Brendan Storch of INIT Creative said: “All of us here really believe that she is already among Hull’s most accomplished visual artists. We had known from talking to her previously that her real passion lies in character design; and this really shines through in this piece.

“When your work has already drawn compliments from Jamie Hewlett, you know you’re doing something right! Her ability to interpret briefs and creative such fantastic, professional-level work at such a young age in a credit to both her and the teaching and support offered to students at Wyke College.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have produced what we did without her.”

Here Alicia has kindly given us an insight into the project and her involvement throughout.

How did you get involved with the County Lines Awareness Project?

I’m very close to INIT Creative, who often notify me of any storyboard or art jobs that I can do for them. I received a message back in January asking if I was interested in working on a music video for BeatsBus. I try to take on any opportunity I can no matter how busy I am, which I don’t always recommend – but it works for me!

What was your inspiration?

For this project specifically, there wasn’t any other media I used to help inspire me, which I really should have done! Although the positive to this is that it makes it a lot more authentic, I used no artistic references, it is completely my style. But an art style doesn’t come from nowhere, and I’d say artists like Jamie Hewlett and Katsuhiro Otomo have inspired my art significantly.

What do you hope the campaign will achieve?

As shown by the County Lines music video, we are made aware that social media is very significant to the reason why young people  find themselves delving into dark paths. I hope that the campaign will not only encourage safety, but also spread awareness about the internet is becoming and easy way for criminals to target troubled youth.

What are your plans after Wyke?

After a year in the Wyke Foundation Course for Art & Design, I will be looking into finding a Comic and Concept Art course at university, because I believe that it’s a course that I can truly flourish in. I want to continue collaborating in projects like this, alongside discography design, game art and any other sort of art involved with media. I’m undecided about what job I want to focus my art on, so I’m hoping that I can work in a varied artistic field.


Click here to see the County Lines Awareness video.

Watch Alicia and INIT Creative’s interview here.

To see more of Alicia’s work, watch out for our upcoming Virtual Art Exhibition 2021.


Navigating North Yorkshire

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“Ten of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award students participated in a ten mile practice walk over the weekend.

This took place in the pretty North York Moors with the sunshine raining down and highlighting the beauty of the area. We are so lucky to have this area so close to the college where our students can safely practice their skills of navigation, which are needed for both their practice and qualifying expeditions. Teamwork is one of the mainstays of the Duke of Edinburgh award and these walks allow students the opportunity to get to know each other and form friendships.

Lunch was taken at the top of a hill, which commanded spectacular views around the full three hundred and sixty degrees of the vista. Breaking for lunch allowed our students the chance to talk and take stock of their walk, discussing how they might adapt their kit and techniques for their expeditions.

The final, most welcome, bonus was to arrive at the lay-by where we had parked the minibus and found an ice cream van! On such a hot and sunny day, this was a fitting end.”

David Pickering

Image of the new Wyke Student Executive

Introducing the Wyke Student Executive

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At Wyke, we are proud to work with our students to get their voices heard. One way this happens is through the Wyke Student Executive, an elected cohort of students who come together to arrange events for a huge number of different causes across the college.  We recently elected a new Student Executive and our new panel are here to introduce themselves and give a little more information about their roles.

Morgan Mays, President: “The role of Student Executive President means that I manage the team to ensure that everyone has a job and it is completed on time. I organise key events in the college and meet with senior staff on a regular basis to propose ideas for events and get them approved.”

Autumn Stewart, Vice President: “As Vice President of the Student Executive, I fill in for Morgan during meetings when he isn’t available. I also attend meetings with senior staff to get ideas approved. Another part of my role is to help with the organisation and planning of events across the college, as well as helping put together promotional information.”

Harvey Jarvis, Secretary: “My role as Secretary to the Student Executive is to write the minutes for each meeting to ensure we have a record and an action plan for the various roles across the executive. I am also there to be another voice in the room and actively take part in meetings.”

Vinny Crosskill, Treasurer: “My role as Treasurer means that I finalise payments and take care of anything to do with money. I make sure that everything arrives on time for events and I also help to set everything up as well.”

Sophie Bellringer, Environmental Officer: “In my role as Environmental Officer, I evaluate the environmental impact the college has and come up with possible solutions to any issues. I also raise awareness on environmental topics, such as plastic pollution. I am also responsible to try and help minimise the environmental impact of the executive and organise environmental awareness events in the college.”

Sam Pattinson, Wellbeing Officer: “My role as Wellbeing Officer is to ensure the Student Executive events and promotional materials are inclusive and keep within the college guidelines. I help with the day-to-day running of the executive and planning of events.”

Finnan West, Marketing, Media & Promotions and Wyke Pride President: “My role is to put together the promotional materials to highlight what the Student Executive have planned across the college. I am also President of Wyke Pride and organise Pride events across the college.”

Alisha Rainger, Additional Member: “My role in the Student Executive is to help and support the team wherever is needed across the college. I pick up any job that needs to be done to make sure the executive runs smoothly.”

Elizabeth Hitchenor, Additional Member: “My role is to support the Student Executive in the running of their events across the college. Like Alisha, I pick up any job that needs to be done to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Be sure to stop and say hi whenever you see them around the college!


37 offers

Medical Record

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Students and staff in our Science Faculty are celebrating the record breaking 37 offers made to students who have applied for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine.

Kim Lawrence, coordinator of the Wyke pre-Medical Programme, is very pleased with this year’s outcomes. “I am so proud of what the students and staff have achieved. Pending confirmation of results, 2021 is going to be a fantastic year for the Wyke Pre-Medical programme.”

Former Beverley Longcroft student, Julia Louw, has been offered a place at Oxford University to study Medicine. Julia studied four courses at Wyke that included the obligatory Chemistry and Biology, accompanied by Mathematics and interestingly BTEC Performing Arts. She has some excellent advice to pass on to future students. “Get your work experience sorted because it can take a long time to organise. Ask your teachers as many questions as possible, and read more about topics that you find particularly interesting.”

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the offers received.

Medicine: 13 students receive 22 offers between them. Universities are: Oxford, HYMS, Nottingham, Liverpool, Imperial, Lincoln, Keele, Anglia Ruskin. Glasgow, UCL, Manchester, Birmingham.

Typical offer is AAA.


Dentistry: 3 unconditional offers for 1 alumni student at Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield.


Vet Med: 12 offers for 6 students. Universities are: Cambridge, RVC, Harper and Keele. Nottingham, Bristol, Surrey and Liverpool. 1 of those students has been offered Gateway at RVC. Typical offer AAA/AAB


Wanting to become a doctor, dentist or a vet? Details of the Wyke Pre-Medical programme can be found here on our YouTube channel.



Alastair takes the Top Prize

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Congratulations to A level English Literature student, Alastair McLelland, on winning the E-Magazine Close Reading Competition 2021. Alastair’s 500 word entry was selected from over 200 entries, the first time a student from Wyke has won the top prize.

The competition centred on an extract from the award winning novel “Homecoming” by Yaa Gyasi.  Published in 2017, the book has received numerous awards and much critical acclaim. The Stylist magazine named it as one of the decade’s 15 best books by remarkable women. Their review highlighted the power of the text. “This incredible book travels from Ghana to the US revealing how slavery destroyed so many families, traditions and lives – and how its terrifying impact is still reverberating now.”

Wyke’s Head of English, Jamie Farrow, encouraged Alastair to participate and was very pleased with the judge’s decision. “Well done, Alastair! You have managed to do what no student at Wyke has before you!”

Alastair has been very modest about his success and he does acknowledge that he has learnt from the process. “The competition definitely improved my essay writing skills. The 500 word limit meant that I spent most of my time trying to improve the efficiency of my language.”

Alastair’s A level English Literature teacher was also happy with the awarding of first prize. “I was thrilled to hear the news. Alastair is an excellent student and thoroughly deserved the win.”

The competition judge and education consultant, Dr Jenny Stevens, was full of praise for this year’s submissions.While a successful competition response inevitably requires strong reading skills, it also requires strong writing skills. All of the interpretations I read were lucidly and accurately expressed. What put some writers ahead of others, however, was their ability to condense an idea or comment on stylistic technique into a telling phrase of their own, without relying on an armoury of literary terms. Alastair’s observation that the third-person narrative was ‘repeatedly slipping away from the present and into Ness’ memory’ was a notable case in point.”

Listen to Alastair read from his winning work on the College YouTube channel

news story

Wyke Shortlisted for SFCA Awards

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We are delighted to announce that the college has been shortlisted for three Sixth Form Colleges’ Association (SFCA) Awards in the following categories:

  • Covid Above and Beyond
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Independent Learning

It has been a difficult year, and the college has excelled in their delivery of remote learning and ensuring the health and wellbeing of students and staff throughout the pandemic. We are so pleased that this has been recognised, and we’d like to thank all our students and staff for all their hard work and resilience throughout this tumultuous period.

The winners and runners-up will be announced at the Digital Summer Conference on Wednesday 16th June 2021.


Sutton Trust Success

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Former Kingswood Academy student, Vinny Crosskill, is one of two Wyke students who have been successful in their Sutton Trust applications. We recently caught up with him to talk all about his amazing achievement.

Tell us why you applied for the Sutton Trust?
I applied for the Sutton Trust US Programme because I like to challenge myself and get myself out of my comfort zone, which this programme would do because moving to and living in a completely different continent brings a lot of changes and challenges. There are a lot of experiences offered, with a lot more opportunities to study abroad and welcome more cultures into my life to better equip myself for employment. University life is so different at liberal arts colleges, as the professors get to know you as an individual, as classes tend to be no bigger than 20.

Where are you hoping to study?
Currently, the front runner is the University of Richmond in Virginia, because it offers great international experiences and accounting as a major which, at the moment, is a necessity for me. I researched it for my video interview when I applied for the Sutton Trust, because it intrigued me the most. However, I don’t have a concrete choice because there are a lot of amazing institutions which the programme introduces you to. What interested me was the fact that there are 55 US colleges that are ranked higher than Durham University, and the Ivy League is actually a sport league, so I’d recommend to anyone that’s applying to come in with an open mind because it’s a really eye-opening experience.

How did you feel when you found out you’d been accepted?
I remember finding out in economics last thing on a Friday and feeling so excited. I felt quite a lot of pride because it’s no easy feat, with over a thousand of some of the best students in the country applying to the programme. Out of those, only 150 get accepted and even fewer go onto step two, which is actually applying. The programme aims to educate you as much as possible without pressuring you into a decision, so you can make the choice that’s the best fit for you. The programme will also heavily support you in your UK applications. There’s a great network of Alums, who help you quite a lot, whether you’re in the US or UK. With the cohort, you’re a part of 150 great people who become like a tight knit family, especially when you’re in America. Cohort members regularly visit one another in the US, which helps a lot with homesickness or any problems you may have.

What are your career aspirations?
Right now, it’s to become a chartered accountant or earn a doctorate in economics. However, the good thing about US institutions is that you can change your major, especially if you’re at a liberal arts college, whereas in the UK you’d have to reapply to change your course. Hearing some of the classes that the colleges offer has really made me think about the career path I want to take going forward.

Overall, I would definitely recommend applying to the programme because even if you choose not to go to step 2, it’s a very educational experience and it teaches you a lot of handy information for applications and CVs. But most importantly, you’ll meet friends that you’ll be close with for the rest of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Vinny, we wish you the very best of luck with your future!

For more information about the Sutton Trust, please visit


Sarah O'Sullivan

Train to Teach at Wyke

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From September 2021, Wyke will be offering teacher training, pre-service and in-service, part-time, Cert Ed and PGCE courses, awarded by the University of Huddersfield.

Centre manager, Rachel Hitchenor, is really excited to be offering these new teacher training courses and is looking forward to welcoming new students and working closely with the University. The range of pathways on offer reaches out to everyone who is looking to further their career in a sixth form or college setting.

She said, “If you’re already working as a teacher or trainer at a recognised training or educational establishment within the education and training sector (former post-14 sector) or and looking to progress your career, then the in-service PGCE or Cert Ed is the course for you.

If you’re hoping to go into teaching within sixth forms or further education colleges, or you see yourself taking up a career in adult education or informal education roles, then the pre-service PGCE or Cert Ed would suit your needs. You don’t need previous teaching experience, just an industry skill, an appropriate entry qualification and a passion for teaching and training others.”

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to proceed, following a process of professional formation through the Society for Education and Training to gain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status. This is the full professional status for teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

High quality teaching is at the heart of Wyke’s success. Recently, the PE, Sports and Dance department won the coveted “FE Teaching Team of the Year” award. This year, the status of the College was confirmed by “The Sunday Times Parent Power Survey” that placed Wyke in the top 2% of providers in the UK.

Wyke is an established provider of teacher training placements. Sarah O’Sullivan completed her first placement at Wyke and now teaches A Level Geography at the College.

She said, “When given the opportunity to complete my 1st PGCE placement at Wyke, I was excited, yet nervous, and most of all curious to see what it would be like as a trainee teacher at a Sixth Form College.

Wyke supported me in this placement immensely- I had a well-structured programme with my mentor and PGCE coordinator and I felt part of the team straight away. I was given the opportunity to observe teachers from a variety of subjects and got invaluable teaching advice from both well experienced teachers and other recently qualified teachers too. The placement allowed me to put the introduction to pedagogical theories into practice and try different strategies in the classroom to challenge myself in a supportive environment.

Feedback from observations is always constructive and encouraging, which has consequently improved my confidence, and competency in teaching. Completing the PGCE led to me gaining employment in the organisation, where I am currently continuing to develop professionally and gaining a deeper understanding into teaching and learning through the NQT programme.”

If you have any questions or would like further information then please email or phone 01482 346347. If you would like to apply then please email or phone to discuss the most appropriate route.
To apply via our current vacancies portal by 30th June 2021 if possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lucy Tessier

Max the Gap

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If you think taking a gap year is a chance to sit back and relax, think again!

Former A level Music student, Lucy Tessier is maximising her time by working as a freelance journalist and copywriter. By combining her talent for writing and passion for the indie music scene, Lucy’s work has been published across a range of digital media platforms.

Over that last 7 months, Lucy has been scouting new talent for magazines to promote, pitching new features, interviewing bands and artists for articles, writing album and single reviews and ghost-writing content for blog posts.

Next year, Lucy will begin her undergraduate life, studying BA(Hons) English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds.

Lucy’s work has been published on and To get a flavour of her critical ability and engaging writing style, read her article on Wolf Alice