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Christmas Card

Christmas Spirit

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This year, Wyke doesn’t have one official Christmas card, it has five!

Each year, students are invited to submit their designs for the College’s Christmas card. As the response from the students was fantastic, and the quality high, it was impossible to select just one. From Banksy inspired traditional designs with a post-modern twist, to beautifully illustrated penguins performing amazing feats, everyone has their own favourite.

Congratulations to our winning students. Evie Spencer (Penguin with Christmas Tree) Maisie Hart (Bird), Ayah Moudares (Christmas Tree), Leia Tonkin (All I Want), and Isobel Smith (Penguin Bauble).

The brief asked the students to create a design that tackles the climate crisis but with a festive/seasonal theme. They were asked to consider how current climate change and environmental issues could be interpreted into the brief, whether it is through the visual imagery produced, a statement or the materials used.

The winning students will all receive prizes and their designs will be printed for sale from the Student Executive at £2.50 per pack of five, with proceeds donated to the Student Hardship Fund.

Year 1 and Year 2 RAG Mark/ Ratings

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During this first term, both YR1 and YR2 students have had the opportunity to complete a number of subject assessments. From these assessments students are awarded a RAG mark/rating to represent their progress in each subject. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are on track to achieving or exceeding, slightly below or significantly below their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area. The second RAG ratings for this academic year (Progress Point 2 Assessments – PP2) are now available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal. For further information on how to access parent portal please see the information to the left of this post.

Attention now turns to preparation for the winter assessments (29th Nov – 17th Dec) and external January examinations. Further winter assessments and January exam information will be posted on the News for Parents and Guardians page shortly.

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Staying Safe over the Festive Period

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Friday 3rd December is ‘Staying Safe Over Christmas’ Day at Wyke Sixth Form College.

The day will focus on advice and guidance for our students to help keep them safe over the festive period and beyond.

Throughout the day, we will have a series of lectures in the Theatre for tutorial groups to attend. Lectures will pay attention to the serious topic of drink spiking and the more recent ‘trend’ of injection spiking, raising awareness of the signs to look out for and symptoms to be aware of to help keep students and their friends safe when out socialising.

Other initiatives will also be taking place, this will include a range of support agencies being housed in the Oak Atrium where students can learn more about keeping safe and help promote their general wellbeing. Agencies will include, Community Police Officers, MESMAC, The Fire Service and Andy’s Man Club and many more.  #StaySafe #WellBeing #WeAreWyke

White Ribbon Day

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Thursday 25th November is White Ribbon Day which is followed by a 16 days of action initiative to end male violence against women.

Each year, thousands of people, organisations and education establishments make the White Ribbon Promise, wear a White Ribbon and raise awareness.

This year, Wyke Sixth Form College will be supporting the cause with a variety of staff and student led initiatives including:

  • Wearing black and white on campus day
  • Promotion of the cause in tutorials and staff briefings
  • A “make the promise” station in the Atrium
  • Student performances around this sensitive topic
  • An informative presentation by our Student Executive
  • Creative writing activities
  • Wearing the white ribbon
  • Fundraising events
  • The promotion of help and support agencies throughout college
  • 16 days of action following the 25th November

We aim to help provide greater understanding amongst our young people, staff and the wider college community about what needs to change along with ensuring people know where to find help.

Want to find out more or get involved? Visit: or speak with a member of our Progress Tutor Team.

#WhiteRibbon #AllMenCan #MakeThePromise

Paul Britton

Wyke Awarded £3.6M Capacity Fund

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Yesterday, Wyke Sixth Form College was named as a post-16 provider to share a £83 million capacity fund to build facilities to accommodate a demographic spike in 16 to 19-year-olds. 

With the £3.6M allocation Wyke is planning to build additional classrooms, new student social spaces and a large careers hub. This financial award recognises the growing demand for places at Wyke. With a strong reputation for academic excellence, the College has doubled its student in-take to 2150 level three places over the last decade. The planned extension of the campus will allow Wyke to meet the pressure on places at the College. 

Principal Paul Britton announced the good news at a staff briefing. “We have been awarded a £3.6M investment into the College that will allow us to double the size of our canteen, house seven new specialist classrooms, and have a wonderful dedicated pastoral space including a new careers hub in the atrium. This means we can continue to meet the needs of students from the local area over the next 3-5 years.  It’s super news, it’s going to be hard work, but that’s very exciting.”  

The Sixth Form Colleges Association estimates there will be 260,000 additional 16- to 19-year-olds that will participate in education in the coming years. 

According to the Department for Education, the fund will also support the government’s drive to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with all successful colleges and sixth forms required to show how their projects will contribute to the target. 

Skills minister Alex Burghart said: “Every young person should have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to reach their goals and go on to have successful careers.  This investment will boost capacity so we can make sure there is a place for every 16 to 19-year-old, giving them access to the high-quality learning facilities they need to succeed.” 

University Applications

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The college’s internal UCAS application deadline for second year students is approaching. Those wishing to apply for university in the 2022 cycle should complete their applications by Friday 12th November.

The College’s UCAS application process is as follows:

  • Before payment and online submission, your son/daughter’s full UCAS application should checked by their Progress Tutor.
  • Once the Progress Tutor has checked the application and agreed that is ready to be sent, the application should be submitted and paid for online.
  • The application will be held by the College for a short period so that your son/daughter’s academic reference and predicted grades can be uploaded and attached to the application.
  • The application, reference and predicted grades has one final round of checking by our UCAS Checking Team before officially being sent to UCAS.
  • If you have any further queries, please contact your son/daughter’s Progress Tutor or our careers teams (
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Assessment Release on Parent Portal

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During the first half term, both YR1 and YR2 students have had the opportunity to complete their initial subject assessments, and now this data is available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal.

All students completed their Progress Point 1 Assessments (PP1) during the assessment window of 27th September – 1st October and have been given a RAG mark/rating to represent the quality of their engagement with the course material at that stage. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are below, achieving or exceeding their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area.

Our students will be assessed once more during the assessment window of 15th – 19th November and the RAG marks/ratings for Progress Point 2 (PP2) will be released shortly.

In addition to course progress, Parent Portal also allows you to view your son/daughter’s:

  • Attendance information (Attendance & Absence tab)
  • Pastoral progress records to date (Commendations & Discipline tab)
  • Career aspirations and future intentions (Careers & Next Steps)
DoE 2021

Truly Determined and Stoical

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Qualifying Expedition for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

“Very proud of these young people… what they’ve done these past four days is truly determined and stoical, a great achievement after this crazy COVID time. Well done all of you!” The words of the accredited assessor perfectly summed up the successes of our fantastic fourteen students who had just completed their Gold expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh award. The look on their faces when the assessor told them they were members of this exquisite Gold club was priceless; so well deserved!

“I’ve gained so much confidence doing Duke of Edinburgh,” said one of our students with heartfelt emotion, thus highlighting one of the many reasons that students participate in this prestigious award. “Duke of Edinburgh makes you a more rounded person,” the assessor expressed, then added, “When my husband used to interview people, if they had D of E on their application, then it gave them something to talk about.”

One of the teams named themselves after Bob, who was a gorgeous little teddy bear with a dark brown fur coat acting as their mascot and being integral to the team’s aim. All teams need an aim. Bob was seen everywhere, being strapped to the belt of the student; on top of mountains, on trails upholding a laminated copy of the countryside code, helping a team member recover after an unfortunate fall into a muddy bog and being a much-valued member of the group. Team spirit was evident throughout.

For four days, walking just over forty miles and camping for three nights, our adventurous students had pitted their skills and cleverness against the bracing October cold and dampness; using their wits to solve navigational challenges on the bleak splendour of the stunning North York Moors that were donning their autumnal attire – golden leaves echoing the Gold award!

What an amazing accomplishment in such challenging circumstances! Our remarkable students worked hard for their Gold and truly deserved their success.

So, come and develop your skills and wits and earn your Gold! Contact (manager of Duke of Edinburgh award) or for more information.

Welcome Evening for Parents/Guardians

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We would like to invite you to our 1st parents’ event of the new academic year.

30th September 2021 – 5pm/6:15pm/7:30pm slots available.

This information evening is designed to welcome you to the College, and introduce some of the people who will be working with your sons and daughters over the next two years.

There will be a formal welcome from the Principal, a presentation from the Pastoral Directors and an opportunity to meet your son/daughter’s tutor.

Please can you sign up for this event by following the link below and booking your timeslot (please be aware there are limited spaces available for each session and these will be allocated on a 1st come, 1st serve basis). We may be able to put on an additional event should demand require it.

To book a time slot, please complete this online form.