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Welcome Back

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Welcome to Wyke!

To all our new first year students and those progressing into their second year, we are really looking forward to teaching you here on campus. During the first few weeks there will be an opportunity to make new friends and really get to know your subjects, teachers and tutors.

To ensure everyone’s safety we would like you to go directly to your welcome room as you arrive at the college.

Base rooms for first years can be found here.

For second year students, please click here.

In preparation for some of your lessons being delivered remotely, please download our learning platform Microsoft Teams. A “how to guide” is available here.

Second years return Thursday, 10th September. First year students start Friday, 11th September.


Lucy Tessier

Mind the Gap

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Former South Hunsley student, Lucy Tessier is busy planning her gap year after successfully achieving her A Levels in Music, English Literature and English Language.

Lucy said, “With a place confirmed reading English and Music BA at Liverpool University the following year, I believe a year out of education will provide me with valuable industry experience before I enter education again. Needless to say, Wyke have always been supportive of any decision making regarding future plans but also my personal career aspirations in music.

I would also thank my teachers, peers and everyone part of the community for two unforgettable years studying here, as not only have I gained a plethora of knowledge in these disciplines but also a treasure chest of life skills and memories that I will take forward into my adult life.”


Wyke TV Youtube

Thanks Half a Million

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More and more people are adding Wyke TV, the College YouTube channel, to their viewing list.
Over the summer break, viewing figures for the College’s video channel broke through the 500,000 mark.
Established in 2009, Wyke TV is a library of current and archive material that documents student achievement over the last decade. From winning the National Football Cup in 2017, to celebrating all our results days, to watching our amazing theatre performances – Wyke TV is the place to relive the College’s “greatest hits”.
To follow the channel visit
Parent Portal

Parent Portal User Guide

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We firmly believe that Parents/ Guardians play an integral role in assisting students learning and as such students’ achievement increases when parents are actively involved in the learning process.

As part of the college’s agenda to support and enhance the development of our learners, we have recently take the opportunity to improve the online Parent Portal facilities to create a more transparent service with clear and effective communication links for parent/guardian engagement.

Please see the Parent Portal Guide 2020 and video overviews of the Parent Portals functionalities at:

Applications are closed

2020 Applications Closed

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Wyke would like to thank all our new students for attending their enrolment appointments. Due to overwhelming demand, applications for a September 2020 start are now closed. Applications for September 2021 will open in mid-October. We would encourage students to apply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Further guidance and advice about our admissions process will be released throughout the year. Please check the college website and social media channels for regular updates.

FAQs Exams

Wyke’s Plans for New and Returning Students

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Just in case you missed our two webinars explaining Wyke’s plans for the new academic year, here are links to recordings of the two sessions.

Following the online presentations, Principal Paul Britton said, “Thanks to all of you who were able to attend, and contribute to our recent webinars explaining the planning that has gone into ensuring that all students can study at Wyke in a safe way this autumn.  Here are recordings of the presentations for any of you who would like to check back on specific details or who were unable to attend.  Please do treat all the material in the webinar as provisional, we are still waiting for the Department of Education to publish their latest guidance about college opening.  We will all need to be flexible throughout this period to ensure that we can continue to deliver great education for all our students through this most unusual time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing all very soon and getting back to learning!”

Parents of New Students

Parents of Returning Students


u-turn on results

Teacher Grades Awarded

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I am sure that you will have seen that, today, Ofqual and the Department for Education decided to award grades on the basis of what teachers submitted, what we have been calling the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs). The switch to centre assessed grades will apply to both AS and A levels. You can see the statement here: a result, students will be awarded the higher of their CAGs (centre assessed grade) or calculated grade (the grade you received on results day).

We are pleased that the Department of Education has come to the realisation that these grades are a much better reflection of the grades that our students could have achieved should they have had the opportunity to sit the examinations and complete their coursework and practicals.

We are yet to see the guidance or process for the awarding of these new grades. When we have received this, we will communicate with you again about how we will ‘officially’ release the grades to you as a statement of results.

There will be significant media ‘hype’ around this over the next few days, but please await further communication from us. As soon as we are in possession of the advice and guidance and have formulated a process, we will communicate this with you.

University Applications

Many of you will have questions about how this impacts on your university place. Our team is here to support you through this, but we suggest that your initial first step is to contact the university directly and get advice and guidance from them. Similar to us, they will be having to respond to this significant change and may not be able to give you an immediate response.

Centre Assessed Grades

All CAGs are available on the student portal, along with all formal assessment data and collection information (these can be found under the menu ‘Achievement and Reviews’ > ‘Assessments’ > ‘CAG’ assessment option). These are the CAGs that we submitted to the boards. Please do not ask for confirmation of your final grade at the moment as we are awaiting the exam boards to tell us how they will send the confirmed awarded grades.

All CAGs were awarded as part of a rigorous process and no one teacher is responsible for the CAG for any individual.

Our teachers generated the CAGs on the basis of all the assessment evidence each department had collected over the duration of the course. This could include, but is not limited to: formal classroom assessments, non-examined units, coursework, formal college assessments, class and homework tasks that had been graded and practical or verbal elements already assessed. These grades then went through several quality assurance processes as detailed here. We are confident that no bias or discrimination has entered the process and that our quality assurance measures were robust and provided our students with the fairest assessment of their possible outcomes should they have sat the final examinations.

You are not able to appeal the CAGs that we have provided. Please do not ask for this or email teachers asking them why you were awarded the CAG as the process is detailed here and they will only be able to  signpost you to this. Should you believe that there has been an administrative error in your CAGs, reply to this email or send a query to

We understand that a small number of students will be unhappy with the CAG they have received.  If this is the case, your only option to improve your grade is to enter for the autumn exam. You are not able to appeal your CAG nor are we able to change them.

We are still currently waiting any further guidance on how this might affect BTEC qualifications, Criminology and Extended Projects. We will communicate more when we get information.

We recognise that many of you will still be frustrated, and some will still have questions. At the moment, we are not in possession of all of the guidance that we need to be able to respond to all queries. We will communicate this with you once we have it.

Your year group has had significant upheaval. However, through our collective effort, we are now in a position where all students will receive a grade that fairly reflects, to the best of our ability, the grade they were most likely to achieve had they sat the examinations. We hope that this announcement allows you to feel positive about the effort you have put into your A Level studies.

I do hope everything now gets resolved with you progressing on to your next step,


Media Appeal

Level 3 Results Update

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Level 3 results – Update 2pm Monday 17th August

As this is posted, there is still no clarity about how the A level results process will be resolved.  However, we would like to share the current details as far as we know them.  We recognise that many students have been disadvantaged by the results process and that the uncertainty is worrying for everyone involved.  We are committed to do everything we can to ensure that all our students achieve results that are fair.  This has included making appeals through the media, working with our local MPs and contributing to the collective effort of the Sixth Form Colleges’ Association to raise the issues at a national level.  We will continue to pursue all avenues we can to ensure our students get the grades they deserve.

I hope that this message, and the links in it, can answer your queries.  We are getting a lot of emails and phone calls at the moment.  We will, of course, try to answer all your questions but please do see if the details below give you the details you need before you try to get in touch.

We are expecting further announcements later today and we will keep you updated.

Thanks for all the kind words of support and do keep raising the issues wherever you can!

Paul Britton



Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

It is important to note that the CAGs were not the result of any one member of staff making an isolated judgement, but part of a robust and quality assured process involving curriculum teachers, their leaders and senior leaders. The CAGs were reviewed at both the individual and course level to ensure that we were representing fairly the achievements of each student while being robust and honest.

Details of the entire process can be found here:

Please read the document before emailing any queries as it will answer many questions about the process and what options you do have.

Results & Appeals

We understand that some of you are disappointed with the grades you received last Thursday. As are we. However, it is important to note that, as an individual, you are not able to request an appeal on your grades, unless you fall into one of the two administrative error categories below. As frustrating as it is, you cannot simply appeal because you do not feel that your grades accurately represent your ability.

A candidate can:

  • ask their centre to appeal on their behalf to an awarding body if there is evidence that leads a candidate to believe the centre made an error when submitting a centre assessment grade or rank order information
  • an awarding body made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade

A candidate cannot:

  • appeal against their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • appeal in respect of the process or procedure used in calculating their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order
  • appeal directly in any respect to the awarding body

The arrangements for awarding qualifications in summer 2020 state that candidates can appeal their grades through their centre if they feel the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case.

As a centre, we are appealing all of our awarded grades on several fronts, both locally and nationally and will keep you updated regarding this. Ofqual released information about the ‘mock exam triple lock’ process on Saturday and shortly afterwards it was taken down from their website. We are hoping for clarity and more information next week. If we are able to, we will make appeals for any students where we are able to provide the appropriate evidence base on your behalf. At this stage we do not need you to do anything.


You may be considering a resit of the assessments under the triple lock process. Please do give this careful consideration and explore alternative routes that could support your progression onto your next steps. We can and will help with this. The college will be funding the cost of the resits, and you will still have access to moodle/Microsoft teams.  Once we have some idea of the number of students who will be taking up these exams, and in which subjects, we will share more details about any other support we can offer.


The Pastoral Team have been working closely with students who are holding university offers to ensure they progress on to their next steps as smoothly as possible. So far, we have over 600 students who have been successful in gaining a place at university and we will continue to support any student who is still actively in clearing or waiting to hear about their place. The careers team is also supporting students who are moving on to apprenticeships and/or employment placements. There will be a member of the pastoral team on site every day, so please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns and we will do everything we can to support you. Email if you would like some help with your next step

BTEC Results

We have now received all BTEC grades from Peason. The team have continually chased BTEC for these and they should now appear on the student/parent portal. Please contact us if this is not the case. All students affected by this have been emailed.

We have also emailed universities where students with conditional firm offers had a BTEC qualification as we are unsure of how long it will take Pearson to get the grade to them. This does mean that for all students who have a BTEC grade in, the admissions team have a confirmed email from the college stating the BTEC outcomes from one of us already.

sam winstanley

Outstanding Results

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A level pass rate 99.6%

491 A* and A grades

BTEC pass rate 100%

Top 10% of all Sixth Form providers nationally

Watch highlights of the day on  our YouTube channel 

Students at Wyke Sixth Form College have again achieved outstanding outcomes despite the most challenging of circumstances.  Exceptional performance over two years, along with award winning teaching and the best possible facilities, has meant that 99.3% of students have achieved a pass grade at A-level. This includes 371 of the top A* and A grades, and well over half of the cohort achieving A*- B grades.

With four A*s in Biology, Maths, Further Maths and Physics, former Trinity Academy student Kieran Robinson secured his place at Cambridge University to study Natural Sciences. Kieran came to Wyke with excellent GCSE grades that enabled him to join our Flyers and Oxbridge groups, two specialist programmes that support high achieving students. Alongside his outstanding academic success, Kieran took full advantage of Wyke’s enrichment programme. Over his two years at college, Kieran completed work experience at Reckitt Benckiser, gained a silver award in the British Physics Olympiad and further enhanced his CV with a NCS leadership award.

Whilst at Wyke, Rhiannon Heath joined the College’s Pre-medical Programme. After gaining an A* in Chemistry and two As in Biology and Maths, Rhiannon had some useful advice to future medics. Regarding the all-important interview for medical school, she said, “If you’ve got spare time on your timetable, ask your teachers to help you plan and practice your interview. You can’t prepare yourself enough for an interview for medical school, so practice will help reduce your nerves.”

Megan Brooks gained a very credible A,B,B but was predicted at least A,A,A. “I’m a bit disappointed and I think I could have got my three A’s if I had taken my exams. I’m just hoping that Leeds University will let me in with these grades.”

Despite the failings of the examination system, Wyke students have still progressed onto exceptional destinations.  This year a further 4 students have progressed to either Oxford or Cambridge universities, taking our total over the last three years to 12.  Similarly we have had over 20 students taking up places on Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary courses over the last three years.

Once again our BTEC results were outstanding with the vast majority of students achieving the highest triple distinction grades.

Charlotte Lammiman is really pleased with her BTEC triple distinction star in Sport that opens up the door to a sports scholarship at an American university. “I’m going to USA hopefully tonight, if my passport comes back. I’ve never been on a plane before, so it’s all pretty new. I should have originally gone in July but this was postponed due to COVID. It’s all a bit daunting to be honest, but I’m really excited.”

Overall, the results maintain Wyke’s position as the best provider of academic courses in the local area and fully justifies the College’s position in the top 10% of all Sixth Form providers nationally.

Principal, Paul Britton, said:

We are exceptionally proud of the great work that all of our students have put in over the last two years.  I am so pleased for those who have got the grades they deserve and we are determined to fight to get all students a fair outcome despite the failings of the system for awarding grades this year.    

Mr John Wilson, Chair of the Wyke Sixth Form College Corporation, added:

Once again our students have achieved a fantastic set of results.  I congratulate them for their hard work and wish them well for the future.  Thanks must go to all the teaching and support staff for their hard work and dedication.”

Paul Britton



17 August 2020

student on results day

Clearing, Returning Items and Your Destinations

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all getting on well out there.  We are all still working at college and we are all here to help you if you haven’t got a clear plan for next year.  Do get in touch with your tutor if you need help.

We are getting towards the end of what would have been the Summer Term. This means that there are a few things that need sorting out before you move on to your next step:

Returning Items
At the end of your Second Year we would usually ask you to ‘clear’ which involves you returning any college property and ‘signing off’. As much as we would love to see you all, we are not able to put a process like this into place for this year. We do, however, need to ask for all college items to be returned so that we can prepare for next year.

Items you may have could include, but not limited to:

  • Textbooks, books or revision guides
  • Technical equipment
  • Laptops or other IT equipment
  • Fieldwork equipment (Geography)
  • Any outstanding Wyke Extra-curricular Team kit
  • Locker keys (you may need to empty your locker or items will be removed over summer)
  • Lift keys
  • Library books or learning support materials

If you have any college property, can you please collate this and then there are two options:

  1. Drop off at the college reception, any time between 9am and 3pm between the 2nd-10th July
    (excluding Wednesday, 8th July)
  2. Drop off at a ‘collection hub’ (Wyke minibus) that is more local to you (times and drop off points are below)
Service stop Day Date Location Time
Bridlington (Kwikfit) Monday 06-Jul-20 Kwikfit, Bridlington 10:00
Hornsea Monday 06-Jul-20 Newbigin Carpark, Cinema Street, Hornsea 11:15
Aldbrough Monday 06-Jul-20 Main Street bus stop, Aldbrough 12:15
Long Riston Monday 06-Jul-20 Primary School, Long Riston 13:00
Goole Monday 06-Jul-20 Tesco car park, Goole 10:00
Howden Monday 06-Jul-20 Market Place, Howden 12:00
Withernsea Monday 06-Jul-20 Outside High School, Withernsea 10:00
Patrington Monday 06-Jul-20 Opposite Station Pub, Patrington 11:00
Hedon Monday 06-Jul-20 Sainsbury’s Carpark, Hedon 12:00
Market Weighton Monday 06-Jul-20 Tesco car park, Market Weighton 10:00
North Newbald Monday 06-Jul-20 The Green, North Newbald 12:00
Beverley Lincoln Way Monday 06-Jul-20 Lincoln Way Shops, Beverley 13:00
Brough/Elloughton Monday 06-Jul-20 Morrisons Carpark, Brough 10:00
Hessle Monday 06-Jul-20 Hessle Square, Hessle 12:00
Driffield Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Outside Police Station, Driffield 10:00
Beverley – Molescroft Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Molescroft Shops, Beverley 11:15
Beverley – Swinemoor Ln Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Tesco Car park near entrance, Beverley 13:00
Barton upon Humber Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Co-op Car park, Barton upon Humber 09:30
Winterton Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Newport Drive outside Winterton Academy 11:30
Brigg Tuesday 07-Jul-20 Tesco Carpark, Brigg 13:00

If you can, please print out the item return form and bring this with your items to the college reception or the
minibus drop off points. If you don’t have a printer, copies of the form will be available at the point of drop-off.

Results Day
We are planning our results days and will write to you shortly about these. Results can be collected from 8am on the day of your results day. You will find out your final results on results day:

13 August 2020 – A Level and Level 3 BTEC Nationals and Level 3 Technical

20 August 2020 – GCSE Level 2 BTEC Firsts/Tech Awards and Level 2 BTEC Technical.

We will not issue results over the telephone (without prior arrangement). If you want someone else to collect your results for you, they will require a letter of authorisation and their own photographic ID in order to do so. If you do not collect them we will only post them to you if you leave a stamped addressed envelope marked “Examination Results”. Please hand the stamped addressed envelope into the main office before the 10th July.  Write on the front of the envelope whether it is for A Level or GCSE results.

More information about these events will be released closer to the time.

Your Destination
Whether it be university, employment or further vocational study, we need (and like) to know where you are intending to go to after the summer. Please can you log on to your Student Portal (Next Steps) and complete your intended destinations.

In order to do this please complete the following three steps on the pathways page tile page of the careers and next steps section of the student portal:

  1. Log into the student portal and find the pathways page.
  2. Double click the most relevant box to select the route you will be taking after Wyke (boxes will turn green)
  3. Tell us whether you have a live/current application in for anything.

Answer YES = If you have applied for UCAS/Apprenticeship/Job and you have either been successful or you are awaiting a response.
Answer NO = if you have not applied for anything or you have applied and have been unsuccessful. If you have answered no we will be in touch to offer further careers support.

  1. If you have answered yes and you have a live application then please tell us who that application is with e.g. UCAS – Hull University

Do not hesitate to contact if you require any further advice and guidance regarding your next steps.

Refunds of the College Campus fee
Your College Campus fee will only be refunded if you have returned all College materials and paid any outstanding fees or fines. If your catering account is in a negative balance, this amount will be taken out of your campus fee refund. Refund payments will be made directly into your bank account by BACS – the finance team will be contacting you separately to collect details about your refunds. Second year students are eligible to receive £15 (half the £30 fee paid at enrolment 2018) subject to all items returned and fees/fines paid.

Locker keys
If you have had a locker whilst at Wyke, you must empty your locker and return the key by the 10th July, even if you are intending to return to Wyke next year.. Make sure you submit your bank account details on your clearing form. All lockers will be emptied and items disposed of during the summer vacation.

Join our Alumni Community
We are still hoping that that we can celebrate all of your achievements and time with us with an event when it is safe, we will share details when we are able to make concrete plans.  And, I would love you all to sign up to our alumni community, you will always be a Wyke student and we would love to see you back in college when you are able.  Do sign up here:

Many thanks for your support and cooperation in this.
Stay safe.

Paul Britton