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Physical Education

Jemma Purfield

Sporting Goal

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Congratulations to former Wyke Sport student, Jemma Purfield, on her nomination for the Leicester City FC “March Goal of the Month” competition.

Jemma is an established professional in the topflight of the women’s game, playing her third season in the Women’s Super League. At the beginning of the season, Jemma signed for newly promoted Leicester City, having previous played for Liverpool and Bristol City.

Whilst at Wyke, Jemma played in the highly successful women’s team, won “Sports Personality of the Year” and gained a scholarship to USA to complete her sport education. Having adopted 23 as her squad number, Jemma is a recognised attacking full-back, specialising in free-kicks and corners.

During her signing press conference, Jemma highlighted the exciting progression made by Leicester as it transitioned into a full-time, professional outfit last summer, gaining promotion at the first attempt.

“I think it’s been brilliant,” she explained. “You know, Leicester’s team last year was talented, and they’ve got some great players and so I’m looking forward to playing with them.

“And I just think that the vision of the Club and where they’re pushing this team is in the right directions, so I’m excited to join that.

“I know a few of the girls, so there’s some familiar faces about and some that I’ve not played with before. I’m excited to link up with those I know and also excited to get to know the new girls as well”.

Beth Norton

Teeing off in Texas

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At Wyke, so many students are successful beyond the classroom. Here’s one of them, former Howden School student, Beth Norton.

After completing her CTEC Extended Diploma in Sport at Wyke, Beth is progressing to Western College, Texas, USA, where she’ll refine her golfing skills alongside studying for a Sports Science degree.  Western has an enviable reputation for developing the sports stars of the future having recently achieved a highly creditable 6th placing in a national US golfing tournament.

With the support of the Sports & PE department at Wyke, Beth’s timetable allows her to dedicate every Wednesday to golf practice and a programme of strength and fitness. The curriculum has also helped her develop her understanding of the anatomy of sport, a significant factor in achieving a competitive edge.

To discover more about the CTEC Sport programmes at Wyke, visit our course pages

View Beth’s recent interview on the College’s YouTube channel

Beth Norton Golf

On the Green for England

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Here at Wyke, we love hearing about student success, and that’s why we were excited to learn about former Howden School student Beth Norton’s achievements both inside and outside of college.

On campus, second year student Beth is excelling in her studies producing work of a high standard in her full time Extended Diploma in Sport course. Outside of college, Beth is a keen Golfer and is currently a member of the Under 18s England training squad.

We caught up with Beth to gain an insight into golfing success so far; I started at 7 years old with weekly lessons and when I was 10 my coach directed me to the Yorkshire girls training and then everything progressed from that point. I started with highest ladies handicap 36hcp but with lots of dedication, hard work and lots of coaching my handicap is now -4hcp. At the age of 14, I was selected for England U16 Yorkshire training squad and I am currently a squad member for U18 England training squad.

Beth’s studies at Wyke compliment her passion for Golf, speaking of this, Beth adds, “My favourite part of my studies is taking part in the practical based units during this sports course. I enjoy learning new skills within the different sports available.

My studies here at Wyke have helped increase my passion for golf by improving my knowledge on my body and how it works. This knowledge helps to prevent injury when training, The sports coaching units have helped with different training techniques which has helped with my training plans alongside my England Golf strength and conditioning coach. I have gained more confidence in myself which has motivated me to help with the junior training sessions at my local Golf Club. 

I have committed to Western Texas College in America for August 2022 to continue improving my knowledge and skills in golf. The studies here at Wyke have helped open my mind to other options available within Golf which will help with my long-term future plans of hopefully turning professional and join LPGA.”

Well done Beth. We look forward to following your journey over the next few years and beyond.

Tom Bolton

Wyke College to Master’s Tom

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At Wyke, we are always happy to hear from our former students. We caught up with Tom Bolton, who has just completed his Master’s in Engineering at the University of Sheffield, to find out his highlights of Wyke, and the challenges and rewards of university life.

What are your best memories of Wyke? 

“I played in the football team at Wyke and absolutely loved it. We won the national cup with Nick Barmby and Michal Pujdak- training twice a week and playing every Wednesday at a good standard was such a fun part of college.

I’d also say meeting new people was such an important part. Most of my best mates now I didn’t know before going to Wyke. Finally, obviously Sports Pres was always a class night, Mark Lucid always smashed it.”

How did your Wyke studies help space your future? 

“Uni exams would be a big shock to the system. It really helps you prepare for having to put the hours in. The careers team at Wyke were great at helping me decide what path to go down when I was unsure and I’m really grateful to them for that.”

What advice would you give our current students? 

“I would say make sure you put the work in at exam time and it will be worth it.

Also, if you’re choosing to go to Uni don’t take the easy option and follow where your mates are going. Go where you want to go and do your own thing.”

 Describe your time at University of Sheffield? 

“The best 4 years of my life hands down. Getting to halls in first year was daunting- I didn’t know anybody going to Sheffield and I wanted it to be like that. But it turns out first year is just about finding your feet and having a massive socialise without many troubles so it’s absolutely class.

I did Mechanical Engineering so I had to work hard around exam time, it’s a tough course so you do have to put the hours in when it matters. I was worried starting the course that I wouldn’t be able to cope. However, it isn’t as scary as you think, you will be able to cope and do other things. The step up from college to Uni is tough but you adjust quickly.

You’re obviously at Uni to get a good mark in your degree, but it’s so important to have a good time. There are so many quality places to go out in Sheffield, house parties, beautiful parks everywhere and the Peak District round the corner. Amazing Uni and city I couldn’t fault it and can only recommend it from my time here.

I also played in the men’s football team throughout my time there, called SUMFC. It’s a good standard, training once a week and playing once a week. The best part about it though is the socials, they’re so much fun and a great opportunity to meet a lot of lads similar to you.”

Discuss your future plans and potential career pathway 

“I’m staying in Sheffield for the summer but have plans to move to Manchester to find a job. I’m going to be applying for jobs in the Medical Device sector or related to biomechanics as that’s what I ended up specialising in and did my dissertation on. I’ll look to become a chartered engineer within the next 5 years.”


Flex Health Work Experience: Will Huyton

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A Level PE student Will Huyton is an aspiring physiotherapist and is participating in the college’s Pre-Physiotherapy enrichment programme. He decided to take part in the Flex Health work experience partnership to “…gain a greater insight into the world of physiotherapy, as well as some of the challenges that health care professionals face in everyday life.”

After the pandemic disrupted his initial work experience placement, Will was finally given the opportunity to experience the profession first-hand by the team at Flex Health in February this year.

During his placement, he learned a range of different skills to help him develop his knowledge of the role of a physiotherapist. These skills included the importance of taking an individual approach to each client and how adaptability is key to keeping clients engaged.

Will said: “By providing me with experience in this field, I have a good idea of what to expect when I undertake my first placement at university next year. It reassured me that this is the right career path to pursue for myself.

“Plus, universities love work experience, and in a time like we’re in currently, it sets you apart from the crowd in your interviews!”

He has certainly done his research about what his future career is going to look like. After graduating university, he hopes to join the NHS for a few years before moving on to possibly join the RAF or British Army as a physiotherapist and help those injured in combat and gaining his master’s degree.

“This work experience has been a small but massively important step for me to achieve these goals. But ultimately, nothing is set in stone and my aspirations may change depending on my experiences; but I will do all it takes to have a long and rewarding career which I enjoy.

“The little pieces of advice offered to me by the great staff at Flex Health will certainly be taken on board and used in the future.”

Will has flourished during his time at Wyke and has some encouraging advice for the upcoming cohort of PE & Sport students:

“If you’re interested in the sporting world, or how the body works in relation to physical activity, it’s the course for you. The PE team are easy to speak to, so if you’ve got any questions, or need anything, they’re always willing to help.

“Without a doubt, it’s got to be one of the best departments in the college for both the quality of the content taught and the enjoyment.”

Thank you for providing such insightful answers Will, we wish you all the best for your future!


Wyke partners with Flex Health

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Wyke Sixth Form College and Flex Health have partnered up to create a work experience programme designed to give PE and Sport students on the college’s Pre-Physiotherapy Enrichment Programme an insight into the world of physiotherapy.

Flex Health is the region’s leading provider of Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Neurological physiotherapy, offering expert care for clients suffering from sports injuries, spinal, joint and degenerative conditions and neurological conditions including acquired brain injury, strokes and MS.

PE & Sport teacher, Hollie Rhodes, said: “This partnership offers endless opportunity. It is giving invaluable experience to our students at the very start of their potential career in physiotherapy/sports rehabilitation industry.

“It’s making them stand out from the crowd for university and job applications; along with gaining extended knowledge linking to the CTEC Injuries and Massage modules and Component 1 for A Level.”

Despite the pandemic, Flex were able to offer placements to two of Wyke’s PE and Sport students, Will Huyton and EmmieLou Fenton.

Will, who aspires to become a physiotherapist, said: “I took part in work experience to gain a greater insight into the world of physiotherapy.

“It showed me the almost miracle-like work of physiotherapists. The staff at the clinic managed to get a woman, who had suffered spinal injuries after falling from a horse, walking again. To see it first-hand was incredible.

“This work experience has only enforced my desire to become a physiotherapist.”

EmmieLou, who also aspires to become a physiotherapist, added: “Taking part in the Flex Health work experience allowed me to gain a wider appreciation for how varied the profession is.

“I have learned some of the crucial qualities required to be a successful physiotherapist.”


The Aftermath

Dance Debut

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This month, former Beverley High School student, Imogen Wright is making her professional dance debut at Piece Hall, Halifax, in the performance of “The Aftermath”.

After studying A Level Dance, PE and Psychology at Wyke, Imogen gained a place at the highly prestigious Northern Contemporary Dance School. Since graduating, Imogen has embarked on a career in dance, choreography and performance.

“The Aftermath” is an open-air dance theatre piece exploring the passion and agency of youth in the age of COVID-19. In this brand new show devised with the young people of Calderdale, Northern Rascals and Northern Broadsides place them front and centre like never before. 20 young people explore their feelings of isolation, anger and hope about a world hurtling towards a future they will inherit but is out of their control.

Northern Rascals is a Hebden Bridge Dance Company who have teamed up with Northern Broadsides and The Piece Hall to bring you this explosive piece of dance theatre in the unparalleled surroundings of the world’s last remaining eighteenth-century Cloth Hall. Make sure you have booked your free tickets so you can join us for one of the many performances that will occupy the The Piece Hall courtyard throughout the weekend of 26 and 27 September in this celebration of live performance.

Visit the Piece Hall website for further details,

Show Times and Dates

Saturday 26 September 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm & 3.30pm

Sunday 27 September 11am, 12.30pm & 2pm




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Last year, the PE, Sport and Dance teachers at Wyke proudly won the Gold Award for “FE Teaching Team of the Year”. These prestigious awards are sponsored by Pearson Education, and backed by the BBC and the Department for Education.

In the build up to this year’s awards, The Teaching Awards Trust, who coordinate and celebrate excellence in teaching, are promoting “The Thank a Teacher Day” on 20th May.

The aim of the day is to raise the profile of the teaching profession, highlight the positive impact teachers and school leaders have with pupils, parents and the wider community, and show teachers how much they are valued.

We’ve all had a great teacher. They show a real interest in who we are, listen to our thoughts, inspire us to learn and encourage us to achieve our best, no matter what our goals are. The influence of a good teacher lasts a lifetime.

If you know someone who deserves a “thank you”, visit: They’ll receive a lovely card in the post as part of the #ThankATeacher campaign. It will make their day and it’s free to do!

Sport, PE & Dance Teachers

FE Teaching Team of the Year

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Wyke Sixth Form College’s P.E, Sport and Dance Teaching Team have been recognised for their “inspirational work in education” at the 2019 Pearson Teaching Awards.

The Team were awarded Gold in the ‘National Team of the Year’ category at last night’s glamorous ceremony, hosted by BBC presenters Tina Daheley and Sean Fletcher.

Commended for going “above and beyond,” the Team were praised for the significant amount of hard work they put into the College, well beyond their timetable commitments.

The Team are a vital part of Wyke’s success, both inside and outside of the classroom; offering fantastic enrichment opportunities for students including our national award winning dance, rugby and football teams, trips around the world and a high level of dedicated support beyond lessons.

Delighted by the news, Principal Paul Britton said:

“What fantastic news! The staff and students in Wyke’s Sport, PE and Dance team are deserving winners of the Pearson National Teaching Award for FE team of the year.

With literally hundreds of students engaging in sports teams each week we were national semi-finalists in rugby and football, finalists in netball and national champions in dance.  In addition to exceptional sporting success, our students achieve consistently in the top 5% in the country for their main qualifications.  Perhaps most importantly, the team’s goal is to help all students develop the personal qualities that will ensure that they excel in their future careers.

An exceptional team and a great recognition for all their efforts.”

The ceremony will be broadcast on BBC2 on Saturday, October 26, as “Britain’s Classroom Heroes”.

There is also an opportunity to meet with the Team and find out about Wyke’s exceptional Sport offering at our Open Evening, Thursday 24th October, 5.30pm-8.00pm.

Want to become a personal trainer?

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This year, Wyke’s Sport department are offering a brand-new Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Qualification exclusively for students studying the BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport course.

The Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing is a foundation course, to be studied in the first year that provides a qualification recognised by employers as a necessity should you be considering a coaching/fitness-based career. Completion of the course will allow students to progress to the Level 3 Personal Training qualification in their second year of study, with Level 2 specialist qualifications including Kettlebells, Circuits, Studio Cycling and Group Exercise available at a discount through our external training provider.

For more information, there will be a talk in Elm 2 on Friday (6th September). The full information regarding the course cost and times are available on the document below.

Personal Trainer Level 2 qualification information