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“Enjoy Virtual Wyke Start as this is a completely unique experience for you”

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Current student, Mikey has nearly completed her two year study programme with us and kindly shares her experiences as a Wyke student along with giving some invaluable advice to upcoming students about Wyke Start and on how to get the most out of your college experience.

What is your study programme at Wyke?

A Level Sociology, WJEC Criminology, A Level Photography and an Extended Project Qualification

What has been your favourite part of college life?

My favourite part of college life has been the lessons. You get so much support from your teachers and you’re able to develop a good relationship with them. In every class, there is a mutual respect between the students and it’s a wonderful learning environment; you don’t feel awkward or nervous to put your hand up and say something and you make good friends with others in your lessons. I always love coming out of every lesson having learnt something that was genuinely interesting and always looked forward to my next lesson.

Tell us a little bit about a subject you are really passionate about.

Within Sociology, you can debate and talk a lot with other people about the topics you are studying. You are able to give your own opinions and thoughts on theories, and often you’re able to apply what you have learnt to a real life scenario. For example, with the education topic you can look around college and see that content in action. It changes your perspective on multiple parts of everyday life and this was especially exciting for me as I found myself connecting what I had learnt to real life situations. Sociology is all about the real world and you see it come to life around you which makes it really fun. 

Have you taken part in any enrichments at Wyke? 

I travelled to London with the Sociology Department. We travelled to London to go to a Sociology conference and this gave us an advantage as some theorists we learnt about were speaking at the conference.

To see the theorists you learn about talking about their research in real life gives you so much more valuable information for you to use in the course and it was a fascinating experience.

We also saw the musical Matilda which related to the childhood topic; as you were watching, you would find yourself picking up on different sociological concepts shown as part of the story, and it reinforces the idea that sociology is everywhere around us.

I also travelled to Washington DC which gave me a completely unique outlook on Beliefs in Society as I was able to witness ‘civil religion’ first hand amongst other concepts we had learnt in the classroom.

Do you have any future aspirations?

Starting in October I will be studying with the Open University. I will be studying towards an Open Degree with Sociology as one of my chosen modules. I loved studying at Wyke and I was very passionate about the subject’s I studied, which is why I chose to continue studying them at degree level. Interestingly, one of the theorists we learn about in Crime and Deviance is part of the Open University team; knowing that is part of the reason I chose this university. My teachers at Wyke truly believed in me and pushed me to achieve, and they are part of the reason I hope to study a PGCE after finishing my degree.

What did you find helpful about Wyke Start?

 Wyke Start was what helped me to decide on my courses definitively. It was hard to decide before having a taster lesson in the particular subjects and it made me excited to start in September.

Do you have any advice for Year 11’s attending a Virtual Wyke Start?

Enjoy Virtual Wyke Start as this is a completely unique experience for you. Hopefully, the taster lessons will help you feel more prepared and help you become excited for sitting in the wonderful classroom environment come September.

What advice would you give to upcoming students for their first few weeks at college?

Wyke can appear like quite a big campus at first but that will soon pass. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the library, whether to use it as a study space or take books out. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people in your classes, as there’s a good chance many of them won’t have friends in that class either. The friends you make in the first few weeks are the friends you will probably keep for the years to come.

Organisation at the beginning is also key, as you can soon find yourself with an overflowing folder if you don’t keep everything in an order. Also, don’t leave creating revision resources until you’re told there will be an exam: it’s best to start making resources alongside learning the content.

Most importantly, if you feel as if you need help such as use of a computer or extra time, tell your teachers. After a disappointing result on my first test at Wyke, I told my teacher I thought I needed help and they arranged it for me very quickly, and after my next test with these new arrangements I received an A. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you think you need it.

Thank you Mikey!

news for parents

Next Steps for 2021

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This half term we are pleased to support all our Year 12s in their vital research into their next steps for 2021. There are many different routes out there, including apprenticeships, universities and employment. Many of you will be considering university as an option and we have all the materials you need to begin your application through UCAS, as well as research tools and step by step instructions on the application process.

For parents, this is also a time to support your son or daughter in their plans and we would usually hold a Next Steps Information Evening at the College at this time of year. In lieu of this, please look at all the resources we have prepared and if you have any questions, please do get in touch. Please also look at individual university websites, as many are now taking bookings for virtual open days.

Useful Resources 

Next Steps Introduction

University Path

UCAS Apply 2021

Personal Statements 2021

Applying to University

Louis Mobbs

The Louis Mobbs Story

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Recently, we contacted former Wyke student Louis Mobbs to chat about his post-Wyke life. It’s an inspirational story and really outlines what is possible if you really set your mind on achieving your goals. From his Hull secondary school, to Wyke, to Saint Peters USA on a soccer scholarship,  to a career in New York city; Louis’ story is great to read. So instead of editing and rewording, we’re publishing Louis’ email in full.

“I started Wyke in 2010 and finished in 2012. I studied Sports, Psychology, Accounting and Law. My original career choice was either to be a Lawyer or an Accountant as I enjoyed those classes most and the teachers were the ones I was closest too. They had the most influence on me and that’s where my interests lied at the time. I’ll always remember being in accounting with Nicola Baker and having banter about Man Utd and it was her approach to teaching made me enjoy it the most. When it came around to Uni decision time, I didn’t even apply to any universities. I decided that education wasn’t for me and instead of continuing into university, I started work as an accountant at an insurance broker. I soon grew to hate that also (not the job so much, just the 9-5, no ambition lifestyle more than anything) and it was around this time my football was somewhat hitting it’s prime.

I was just selected to play semi professional with North Ferriby and I was also just chosen to be the vice-captain for England Schools u’18s. This really propelled my footballing opportunities and the channels to global football. This is where I was linked to a ‘soccer’ scholarship program to play in the US. I signed up on a Tuesday, had a trial match in London on Thursday in front of 60 US coaches and by Friday had offers on the table for various colleges over the US. I had good connections with two specifically (Fairfield, CT & Saint Peters, NJ) due to players I played with at England choosing the same route and venturing to the US the year before I did. Both coaches came over to Hull to watch me at North Ferriby and I decided to go with Saint Peters. The college is in Jersey City which is a 10 minute ride into NYC, and that was enough to sell me into the move.

I was offered a full scholarship for a 4 year degree in economics, to live on campus and play as a center back. One week after accepting I broke my Patella (knee) and worried if I would be able to make it or if they would rescind the offer as a result. Luckily, I got back to fitness and left in the summer of 2013. I played the first 2 years as a center back before moving into center forward. My junior and senior year I was the captain for the team and was top goal scorer. Through out my collegiate career, I had many chances to play for professional teams and start on the ladder towards being a pro, but none worked out as I wasn’t willing to leave a degree and 100s of thousands of dollars behind to pursue – my goal was to stay in America and get a job I love in NYC. I did just that when I decided to get my real estate license and work for a start up brokerage firm selling and renting properties. One of the best things Ive ever done. I saw apartments, houses, penthouses etc that blew my mind. I attended viewings and parties of the mega rich and famous. This opened my eyes to the NYC life and from there I was addicted; I’m never coming home I told myself. Due to visa requirements, I then left to join an English based recruitment firm who had a NYC office and I’ve been with them since. I’ve since had a beautiful little girl, Alivya, and now live in my own apartment in Downtown Jersey City.

I would re-live my days at Wyke in a heartbeat. There was a feeling of acceptance and unity with Wyke that has never been matched in any endeavor I’ve had since. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some pretty great things since, but Wyke was always a milestone in my life that put me where I am today. It resonated from the upper management staff, through to coaches and assistants and into the teams. From football, to rugby, netball, basketball etc, we were all one, which is hard to find (especially in the US). At the time, Lucid, Julie, Ben, Mike and Gaffa were the ones I was closest to and they are the ones that make Wyke what it is. They respect you and push you – that’s everything you need in a coach/mentor. Wyke is certainly an era of my life that will be unmatched. The people I met, the things I/we accomplished, the friends I made, the memories I created, the lessons I learnt… all are some of the best. As cheesy as it is, they are definitely your best days. I still get excited thinking about some of the memories we had as a team there. My biased opinion is that our class of 2012 was a turning point for Wyke’s sports and where Wyke started to become a known name in most, if not all, sports.”


Soprano Star

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In 2010, former Beverley High student Poppy Shotts performed at the Wyke Christmas Concert, which is still available to view on our YouTube channel. Listening to Poppy sing was one of the highlights of the evening, showcasing her amazing talent and foreshadowing a great career to follow.

Poppy has fond memories of studying at Wyke.”My time at Wyke built my confidence, and nurtured my passion for the Performing Arts. I went out into the world with the drive to create meaningful work, and with the necessary tenacity to keep pursuing my dreams.” 

After studying Music, Performing Arts, and English at Wyke, Poppy was inspired to train in Classical Voice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), gaining a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours in 2017. She then went on to gain a Master of Performance with Distinction from the Royal College of Music (RCM), in London, where she trained as a Derek Butler Scholar. In London, Poppy worked with a wide range of directors, conductors, and vocal coaches, including Alison Wells, Caroline Dowdle, and Gary Matthewman. During her training in London, Poppy was supported by a number of awards including the Countess of Munster Award, the Il Circolo Italian Cultural Association Award, and the Mario Lanza Trust.

Performance highlights from recent years include performing with Roger Vignoles in the Britten Theatre, RCM, and making her solo debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cadogan Hall in a performance of Grieg’s Peer Gynt. Opera credits include Barbarina, (RCM Opera School), Léïla (RCM Opera Scenes), Nedda (RCM Opera Scenes), Cleopatra (RCM Opera Scenes).  Further credits include Pamina with Ensemble OrQuesta, Susanna with Matchbox Opera, Abigail Williams in Robert Ward’s The Crucible and Erste Dame in Die Zauberflöte with the Berlin Opera Academy.

In between time performing at venues across the world, Poppy regularly returns to Hull to perform with Hull Urban Opera.

Since graduating in 2019, Poppy continues to work as a performer in a wide range of projects, and as a private voice teacher. To listen to her performances, visit Poppy’s website



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Last year, the PE, Sport and Dance teachers at Wyke proudly won the Gold Award for “FE Teaching Team of the Year”. These prestigious awards are sponsored by Pearson Education, and backed by the BBC and the Department for Education.

In the build up to this year’s awards, The Teaching Awards Trust, who coordinate and celebrate excellence in teaching, are promoting “The Thank a Teacher Day” on 20th May.

The aim of the day is to raise the profile of the teaching profession, highlight the positive impact teachers and school leaders have with pupils, parents and the wider community, and show teachers how much they are valued.

We’ve all had a great teacher. They show a real interest in who we are, listen to our thoughts, inspire us to learn and encourage us to achieve our best, no matter what our goals are. The influence of a good teacher lasts a lifetime.

If you know someone who deserves a “thank you”, visit: They’ll receive a lovely card in the post as part of the #ThankATeacher campaign. It will make their day and it’s free to do!

Information, Advice and Guidance on Your Next Steps

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Please take a read of the below for information on your next steps, this has also been emailed to all students directly.

2nd Year Students

Please find below two information documents that are important to read. The first is a series of things to consider if you are intending on going to university, the second is advice and guidance around alternative pathways if you are not intending to go to university.
As always we are here to support you. If you require any further guidance then please contact your tutor, teachers or our careers’ team ( and book a meeting (remotely). 


1st Year Students

We would usually begin the UCAS application process after the summer exam period (June 1st). Given the unprecedented nature of the current situation we are going to begin this process a little earlier. The team are currently working on converting all of the information that would traditionally be delivered in a lessons into a format that works remotely. We aim to have all of the guidance information with you by early next week so that you can start to write your application.
If you have any queries or questions following publication of this information then please contact your tutor, teachers or our careers’ team ( and book a meeting (remotely).

Graphic Designer Ella

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Wyke’s Graphic Design Department is well experienced in guiding students to success. Over the last 3 years, students who studied A Level Graphic Design have gone on to study the subject at degree level at institutions as diverse as Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Norwich, Bristol, Cambridge and London.

Ella Bristow was one of those students. Ella studied a full creative programme at Wyke choosing A Level Graphic Design, A Level Fine Art and A Level Media Studies.

Ella worked extremely hard throughout her time at Wyke and achieved fantastic grades in all of her subjects. Ella is now completing her third year in Graphic Design at Norwich University.

The design brief for Ella’s below work (left) was Science Fiction, were she used digital and handmade process to skilfully illustrate and narrate the characters from the animated film “Walle”

Her coursework final design work illustration and infographic (right) illustrate the damage and impact of plastics on wildlife and the environment.

Well done Ella! We can’t wait to see where your Graphic Design degree takes you in the future.


Weatherill Twins

A Mathematical Genius!

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We loved hearing from former Wyke student Katie Weatherill who achieved exceptional success both at college and beyond, going on to study at one of the best universities in the world. Katie studied at Wyke along with her twin sister Lucy and left in 2018 after two fantastic years on a highly academic study programme along with throwing herself into many enrichments and trip opportunities.

What was your study programme at Wyke?

I studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

What did you go on to do after Wyke?

I am currently studying a Physics degree at The University of Oxford. (Lucy is also at Oxford!)

What attracted you to choose Maths +/ Further Maths as part of your study programme at Wyke?

Maths is the most important subject for an application for a STEM subject at university but having Further Maths as well makes you stand out, especially for an application to a top university. Taking both courses has been an immense help for my degree which is very mathematical.

What did you enjoy most about these two courses?

I honestly enjoyed all aspects of the courses.

How did the courses compliment each other?

Studying both courses means you get a much wider range of maths knowledge and a much better understanding. It’s a good challenge and a great opportunity not to be missed.

What advice would you give to any upcoming Maths/ Further Maths student?

Everything may seem a little bit overwhelming to start off with but keep going, it will all pay off!

Finally, what was your favourite memory of college life?

I liked all of college life. I thought the college trips were particularly enjoyable. Especially the Physics trip to CERN which was fun and also useful as I was asked about it in 4 of my university interviews!

Thank you so much Katie. We look forward to following the rest of your journey and seeing where your degree takes you in the future!

If you would like to share your own success with us, please do get in touch at:

Two maths students sat with their maths work

Go far with A Level Further Maths

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A Level Further Mathematics is a course which is often wrongly believed to be more difficult than A Level Maths. We thought that we’d break down some of the common misconceptions around the subject, in order to help you make the most informed choice when you’re selecting your A Level subjects.

A level Further Maths is not more difficult than A Level Maths, it just covers other areas of mathematics that can’t fit into A level Maths. It means that Further Maths students will cover different maths topics which is very helpful when they go on to university.

Further Maths students are put in a separate A level Maths classes that consist of only students with the highest GCSE Maths grades. If you are getting an 8 or a 9 at GCSE Maths you should strongly consider doing the AS Further Maths.

A level Further Maths is a totally separate A Level to A Level Maths. Students study A Level Further Maths will get a grade in A Level Maths and another grade for A Level Further Maths, plus a separate amount of UCAS points.

You DO NOT have to study Further Maths as a fourth subject. In reality the majority of the Further Maths students study Further Maths as their third A level.

Most universities, especially Russell Group members, see Further Maths as a major plus. Two of our current set of Oxbridge students only study 3 A levels and 1 of these is Further Maths. The majority of Further Maths students are NOT going on to university to study Maths. In fact, they often go on to study a whole range of subjects, including:

  • Engineering,
  • Physics,
  • Natural Sciences,
  • Accounting and
  • Economics.

We hope that you find this useful. More information about our A Level Further Mathematics course can be found on the course leaflet – simply select it from the subject page and click download!


#MakeItHappen #WeAreWyke

Vocational courses: Important information

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From next week, all vocational courses that will complete this year will no longer be setting work for students to complete, taking work in or providing RAG grades for engagement. Teams will continue to support students with work that may help them to prepare for their planned next step, but there will be no compulsion for students to engage in this, nor will this be monitored.

There are a couple of important exceptional cases:

  • Criminology year 1: All criminology year 1 students will CONTINUE to receive set work on a weekly basis and RAG grades will be provided to monitor engagement until the end of the academic year.
  • Foundation year BTEC courses: These courses will now finish. However, many of you will be wanting to progress to level 3 course next year. If you are in this position, you will receive a letter explaining the conditions for your progression in the autumn.

We still do not have clarity on the process for vocational qualifications. It is probable that we will be asked to complete a similar process to A levels and GCSEs, with teachers providing estimated grades and rankings based on what they judge the students would have achieved if their courses had continued.

There are still some students who have not submitted work that was due before the national closure. If this applies to you, please urgently discuss this with your subject tutors, as staff will not have the evidence they need to support giving you the best possible grades.

If you’d like more information, Ofqual released their consultation on the processes for vocational courses completing this summer last Friday. This is still very much focused about defining the rules for exam boards to use.

You can access it here:

Edexcel have also been updating their information and have started a weekly bulletin: