Campus Safety

The college has a comprehensive safeguarding policy which recognises its statutory obligations in providing a safe and inclusive environment for student learning. The designated senior lead for safeguarding ensures these parameters are upheld to the fullest across college. The college also utilises an educational visits policy and procedures which includes risk assessments that are centrally managed in accordance with current guidance and legislation. Further detail on the college’s safeguarding policy and procedures can be browsed here.

As part of ensuring the safety of our college members, students are expected to abide by the college’s learner agreement and respect agenda. Student’s sign their learner agreement at enrolment which clearly stipulates the academic responsibilities and behavioral expectations upheld by the college.

A copy of the student’s learner agreement can be accessed here.

Safety within the College

Lanyard – The purpose of the ID card is a means of personal identification as a student of the college and also to serve as eligibility to use Wyke College services and the Library. Students are issued with an ID card at the beginning of each academic year, usually at enrolment, and the information on the card is extracted from the student record system.

It is expected that students wear ID cards at all times whilst on college site. Students without their ID will have to purchase a temporary ID from reception in order to attend. It will be valid for that day and cost £1, monies for which will go to the student hardship fund. Replacement lanyards and cards are also available for a £5 administration fee.

Students are allowed 3 “occasions.” where temporary ID badges are issued before college disciplinary procedures come into effect.

Please refer to the college’s lanyard policy here.

Parking – Generally there is parking for staff only on site and students displaying a disabled parking permit. However, a limited number of spaces have been made available to students based upon distance travelled and proximity to a public transport/subsidised college bus route.

On the grounds of health, safety and security, we have installed a car park barrier to restrict entry to staff, students with parking permits or blue badges, people attending meetings and deliveries only.

Students can be picked up and dropped off on the public highway (either Bricknell Avenue or Grammar School Road).

Fire – All classrooms display Fire Safety Sheets detailing the college’s fire safety procedures. Fire alarms are located around the college for easy access and the college holds fire drills twice a year for student safety.