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Gold-Award Mathematicians

By | Course News, Mathematics

Earlier this month, 46 Wyke students entered the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, a 90-minute multiple choice competition. The challenge is non-calculator so really tests the students’ mental agility and problem-solving skills.

Nationally, certificates are awarded to the top 60% in the following proportions: Gold for the top 10%, Silver for the next 20% and Bronze for the next 30%. Additionally, the top 6000 entrants in the country qualify to enter the next round of the competition.

Given the nature of the challenge, all of the entrants nationally tend to be strong mathematicians, so to achieve any of these certificates is a fantastic result, so congratulations to all of our winners and participating students.

Of particular note, 5 of our students, including 2 first years gained Gold certificates, which is an incredible achievement and they have reached the threshold for the follow-on round of the competition later this year. #MakeItHappen

Millie Jones

Flyers Forum 1

By | Flyers News Bulletins

Flyers Forum 1 was really well attended by our new cohort of Flyers.

Parents/Guardians can access the content covered here: Flyers Forum 1

Students were set 3 main tasks following the session to help pair them with a suitable Flyers mentor and assist them on the Programme going forward:

1) Research Russell Group universities of interest including Oxbridge
2) Start considering university or degree apprenticeships of interest
3) Ask any key questions to any member of the Flyers Team over Microsoft Teams
Thank you for your support.
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Staying Safe over the Festive Period

By | Course News, News for Parents

Friday 3rd December is ‘Staying Safe Over Christmas’ Day at Wyke Sixth Form College.

The day will focus on advice and guidance for our students to help keep them safe over the festive period and beyond.

Throughout the day, we will have a series of lectures in the Theatre for tutorial groups to attend. Lectures will pay attention to the serious topic of drink spiking and the more recent ‘trend’ of injection spiking, raising awareness of the signs to look out for and symptoms to be aware of to help keep students and their friends safe when out socialising.

Other initiatives will also be taking place, this will include a range of support agencies being housed in the Oak Atrium where students can learn more about keeping safe and help promote their general wellbeing. Agencies will include, Community Police Officers, MESMAC, The Fire Service and Andy’s Man Club and many more.  #StaySafe #WellBeing #WeAreWyke


Exploring the World of News Reporting

By | Course News, English, Media

Recently, a group of Year 12 students who take part in the Wyke Media Hub Enrichment had the opportunity to listen and participate in an interactive journalism session, lead by Taylor Umland, the head of the Sports Journalism department at Leeds Beckett University, the leading university in the country for journalists. The students were contacted by Jamie Farrow and invited to W12 to begin their exploration into the world of news reporting.

The session gave the students a first-hand glimpse into the subject from a professional perspective, where they discussed what it means to be a ‘great’ journalist and how to create not just a news piece, but an ‘original’ story. They then put this into practice, creating their own articles in focus groups and ‘pitching’ them to Taylor, and receiving effective feedback which enabled them to consider what else they could include, how their angle should look and how ‘far’ a story could be developed. All stories produced received brilliant feedback – the class was incredible with their knowledge of current affairs and the effort put in was amazing to witness. It provided the students with the key skills and knowledge they need to start independently exploring the field of journalism (which was highly encouraged by Taylor) and see how the world really works from behind the scenes. Questions were asked in detail about how the career works, how it benefits them and how to pursue it, as well as what Leeds Beckett has to offer with the courses of journalism. Overall, the environment of the session was full of energy and aspiration – it was great to see such enthusiasm in the subject!

Following the teaching Taylor provided, the students took notes and were encouraged to send their work to him for feedback and improve the confidence and attitude the students have towards journalism. The students will be taking a trip to Leeds Beckett university after the Christmas break, to see the infamous newsrooms and reporting equipment they have available, and participate in realistic activities that will develop their skills and truly set them on the path of journalism.

A massive thanks goes to Taylor for coming in and giving our students such a fantastic first experience to the subject, and to Jamie Farrow for setting up the session. Well done Y12.

(A big thank you to Wyke student Jessica Hirons for this excellent write up!)

White Ribbon Day

By | Course News, News for Parents

Thursday 25th November is White Ribbon Day which is followed by a 16 days of action initiative to end male violence against women.

Each year, thousands of people, organisations and education establishments make the White Ribbon Promise, wear a White Ribbon and raise awareness.

This year, Wyke Sixth Form College will be supporting the cause with a variety of staff and student led initiatives including:

  • Wearing black and white on campus day
  • Promotion of the cause in tutorials and staff briefings
  • A “make the promise” station in the Atrium
  • Student performances around this sensitive topic
  • An informative presentation by our Student Executive
  • Creative writing activities
  • Wearing the white ribbon
  • Fundraising events
  • The promotion of help and support agencies throughout college
  • 16 days of action following the 25th November

We aim to help provide greater understanding amongst our young people, staff and the wider college community about what needs to change along with ensuring people know where to find help.

Want to find out more or get involved? Visit: or speak with a member of our Progress Tutor Team.

#WhiteRibbon #AllMenCan #MakeThePromise

Paul Britton

Wyke Awarded £3.6M Capacity Fund

By | Community, Course News, News, News Bulletins, News for Parents, On Campus, Student Association

Yesterday, Wyke Sixth Form College was named as a post-16 provider to share a £83 million capacity fund to build facilities to accommodate a demographic spike in 16 to 19-year-olds. 

With the £3.6M allocation Wyke is planning to build additional classrooms, new student social spaces and a large careers hub. This financial award recognises the growing demand for places at Wyke. With a strong reputation for academic excellence, the College has doubled its student in-take to 2150 level three places over the last decade. The planned extension of the campus will allow Wyke to meet the pressure on places at the College. 

Principal Paul Britton announced the good news at a staff briefing. “We have been awarded a £3.6M investment into the College that will allow us to double the size of our canteen, house seven new specialist classrooms, and have a wonderful dedicated pastoral space including a new careers hub in the atrium. This means we can continue to meet the needs of students from the local area over the next 3-5 years.  It’s super news, it’s going to be hard work, but that’s very exciting.”  

The Sixth Form Colleges Association estimates there will be 260,000 additional 16- to 19-year-olds that will participate in education in the coming years. 

According to the Department for Education, the fund will also support the government’s drive to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, with all successful colleges and sixth forms required to show how their projects will contribute to the target. 

Skills minister Alex Burghart said: “Every young person should have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to reach their goals and go on to have successful careers.  This investment will boost capacity so we can make sure there is a place for every 16 to 19-year-old, giving them access to the high-quality learning facilities they need to succeed.” 

Together for our Planet

By | Course News, Geography

It is an important fortnight for climate change policy and we should be reminded that individual actions are just as essential as global actions, such as those being discussed at COP26.

In light of this, our Geography department have launched a new initiative to encourage all of our students to consider their own environmental impacts and to work hard to reduce their carbon footprint.

In week 1, our individual Tutor Groups will be using the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator to measure their current, combined footprint.

Following this, students will be learning about and encouraged to introduce environmentally friendly practices into their daily lives, for example, walking to college rather than travelling by car.

In week 2, the groups will come together to recalculate their new footprint, working out how much carbon has been saved as a result of their hard work. A certificate and prize will be awarded for the winning group.

This activity is just one amongst the many currently in place at Wyke to help raise awareness of these important issues and to promote positive changes in the actions of students and staff in the long term.


Flyers Forum 1

By | Flyers News Bulletins
Following the Flyers Launch last month, our first forum of the year is taking place for students on Tuesday 23rd November over lunchtime.
The forum will cover topics such as research and initial guidance on students next steps, university research, alternate routes to university, mentoring and more.
The Forum will take place 12.40pm-1.20pm in the Sports Hall for students.
Parents will have access to the presentation following the event.
Thank you for your continued support.
Wyke Flyers Team

University Applications

By | News for Parents

The college’s internal UCAS application deadline for second year students is approaching. Those wishing to apply for university in the 2022 cycle should complete their applications by Friday 12th November.

The College’s UCAS application process is as follows:

  • Before payment and online submission, your son/daughter’s full UCAS application should checked by their Progress Tutor.
  • Once the Progress Tutor has checked the application and agreed that is ready to be sent, the application should be submitted and paid for online.
  • The application will be held by the College for a short period so that your son/daughter’s academic reference and predicted grades can be uploaded and attached to the application.
  • The application, reference and predicted grades has one final round of checking by our UCAS Checking Team before officially being sent to UCAS.
  • If you have any further queries, please contact your son/daughter’s Progress Tutor or our careers teams (
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Assessment Release on Parent Portal

By | News for Parents

During the first half term, both YR1 and YR2 students have had the opportunity to complete their initial subject assessments, and now this data is available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal.

All students completed their Progress Point 1 Assessments (PP1) during the assessment window of 27th September – 1st October and have been given a RAG mark/rating to represent the quality of their engagement with the course material at that stage. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are below, achieving or exceeding their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area.

Our students will be assessed once more during the assessment window of 15th – 19th November and the RAG marks/ratings for Progress Point 2 (PP2) will be released shortly.

In addition to course progress, Parent Portal also allows you to view your son/daughter’s:

  • Attendance information (Attendance & Absence tab)
  • Pastoral progress records to date (Commendations & Discipline tab)
  • Career aspirations and future intentions (Careers & Next Steps)