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Year 1 Summer Assessment

By | News for Parents

Between 25th – 29th April, many of our Year1 Cohort have had the opportunity to complete internal ‘Summer’ assessments/examinations in their chosen subject areas. For those YR1 students who sat internal assessments during this period, they have been receiving their Summer assessments marks and have been provided with subsequent subject feedback during lesson. 

 The internal Summer assessment/examination data is now available for parents/carers to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal. Please note that there are still some external vocational examinations remaining (some Year1 BTEC/CTEC/WJEC courses) and those results will be released later this summer. 

Alongside marked exam grades, the college also uses a Red, Amber or Green (RAG) rating to indicate whether our students are on track to achieving or exceeding, slightly below or significantly below their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area. Many of the vocational courses who have not conducted an internal summer exam series have used this RAG rating for the most recent progress point.  

This concludes our internal YR1 progress points for this academic year and the next progress point will be in September on return. Students will be set summer work over the coming weeks from all subject areas. 

For further information on how to access the Parent Portal, please see the information to the left of this post.

Washington DC 2022

The DC Experience

By | College Trips, Course News, Government & Politics, History, News, Sociology

Wyke students are back on their global tours – “The Wyke Experience”.

The cross-college visit to Washington DC was Wyke’s first international trip since the lifting of Covid restrictions. Scheduling the tour in early spring meant that the group were able to enjoy the iconic cherry blossom in full bloom through the spring sunshine.

Over the six-day break, the group visited all the key monuments, historical sites and political institutions. The Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial, the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetery and Capitol Hill, were all visited in a packed itinerary. The visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture was particularly significant as entry is limited to pre-booked tickets due to the centres level of popularity.

The entire trip linked into the A level syllabuses, a point that was constantly referenced throughout the tour. James Goodchild, Head of A level History teacher and A level Government & Politics, delivered mini lectures at all the key landmarks. Catherine Eariss, Head of A Level Sociology teacher, also drew connections to the social changes that the USA experienced during the 20th century. For example, the visit to the Martin Luther King memorial linked to the “Beliefs in Society” topic and how religion has impacted on social change.

It wasn’t all museum, landmark and statues. To sample some “real” American culture, the group booked to watch the Washington Capitals National League Ice hockey game. The following day, some of students went to see the Washington’s Nationals baseball match at the stadium adjacent to the group’s hotel.  Outside of the political and cultural centre, the group explored Washington’s suburbs, visiting the city’s zoological gardens. During the week, there was even time for shopping at the enormous Pentagon Mall.

“Washington DC 2022” was an amazing visit. New students get ready for “The Wyke Experience” – planning is already underway for 2023.



Duke of Edinburgh walk centred at Levisham

By | Course News

Twenty seven Wyke students took part in a ten mile practice walk for their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. The weather was fabulous, highlighting the beauty and wildlife of the North York Moors and lifting the students’ spirits. The quintessential village of Levisham acted as the start and end points. In the nearby distance, the steam trains of the North York Moors Railway chugged away, releasing an occasional high-pitched, full-bodied blast on their sonorous whistles and filling the air with a cloud of steam.

The students would be practising their decision making on navigation, pace and rest stops; all necessary skills for their expedition that will happen within a few weeks. The team of staff was nearby to meet and check on their welfare throughout the day.

The positive spirit of the students throughout the day began in the minibus. As we passed through a small, quaint village, one of the lads quipped, “That’s Hansel and Gretel’s house.” This caused a chuckle amongst the talkative and excited students.

And this upbeat attitude was echoed later in the conversations between the staff: A text message from someone who was waiting in a nearby location went, “Just been charged by two deer.”

The reply, “Hope they weren’t too deer!”

Cue, “I can’t believe you’ve just said that!”

Carrying a rucksack with all the necessary gear and then camping is part of the expedition, which will be the students’ next DofE outing and can be very hard work. Moments of laughter and a positive attitude make a significant difference to morale and practice walks help to encourage this because people must work together, form friendships and be a team!

The college has run the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award for several years and given many students a chance of completing this prestigious award. Two ex-students were sat next to me whilst I was driving the minibus. Both now graduates, they enjoyed their Duke of Edinburgh experiences so much that one continued with the award and is now an accredited DofE assessor. They would be helping throughout the day. What better testimony to the purpose of the award that its legacy is to inspire students!

It is a small Wyke world! Whilst I was waiting at a checkpoint, a place called Skelton Tower, for our students, there was a couple who were lying on the grass enjoying the sunshine and the amazing colours of the scenery. The woman asked, “Are you from Wyke?”

“Yes, I replied.”

“We saw your van,” she added. And then we had an interesting chat because she said that her daughter was an ex-Wyke student who had now achieved a First class degree in Cambridge in Arts/Graphics and is now working in an Art/Graphics career. It is always good to hear about former students and their progress after leaving Wyke.

Students enter the Duke of Edinburgh scheme directly into the Gold Award at the college. There is no need to have prior Bronze or Silver qualifications.

Our students next main event will be their expedition and they are busy planning their routes and kit.

Preparing for the Gold

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After a week when the weather flicked between warm sunshine and cold snow, the Spring season began with twenty-four students walking a ten-mile, circular walk on the North York Moors in preparation for their summer expedition as part of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. The weather was favourable as the Sun shone brilliantly and all but the last traces of this week’s snow hid in the shadowy corners of the landscape.  

The students practised their navigational skills and pitted their fitness against the hills and moors of the NYM National Park, beginning from an Ancient Scheduled monument – an earthwork not unlike an untidy ploughed field a couple of miles from the quaint village of Snainton – and affording magnificent views and instilling an appreciation of the landscape; one of the tenets of the Duke of Edinburgh philosophy.  

The students eager to re-connect with the countryside stomped their trusty boots up and down hills, navigated forests and conquered fatigue (at least until the welcome of a seat in the minibus!). They walked, made friends, and collectively discussed the location of their routes.  

Flagging spirits were lifted when lunchbreak was called in a grassy field where two groups met; an anticlockwise meeting a clockwise group. Laughter was heard as stories of their respective walks were shared.  

“Oh, so cute!” accompanied several other comments when the students came across a field scattered with ewes and their lambs; many were twins, some were triplets. A slight dip in the landscape hid from view the tiniest lamb until we were almost upon it. With startled bleating, it quickly rose to its feet and followed us for a few moments until its mother’s baa-ing coaxed it back.  

A former Wyke student, called Ben, completed his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award some six years ago (one from our first cohort) and enjoyed his experience so much that he has since progressed to become a DofE Assessor. Ben has returned from time to time to accompany our students on their walks and expeditions, offering advice and help; a legacy of the course at the college. 

The next practice walk is at the end of April when the students will practise and hone their skills further for their summer practice expedition. Their very own Gold edging nearer and nearer… 

Wyke Records

Label Launch

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Wyke has created its very own record label to provide aspiring musicians with a platform to get their music out to the masses.

The Music department has launched “Wyke Records” to give learners studying on its creative music courses the chance to release their own music to the public.

Students signed to the label will see their songs added to leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music, thanks to licencing and distribution rights arranged by the College.

The record label is coordinated by Digital Music Production teacher, Steve Cutler, who wanted to give students the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience and gain professional experience of writing, recording and releasing music.

Steve said, “The College are so excited to be launching our own label. Doing so will go a long way to giving the amazing talent we have here the platform to showcase their music and grow their audiences.”

“Run” by “End of the Line” (EOL) is the label’s first release. The band have been a regular at the College’s open music enrichment, “Wyke Sesh”, and have gained a strong following amongst the student community.

Further releases are plan for the summer term. Visit our social media for updates.

Student Applying

YR2 Easter Exam Results on Parent Portal

By | News for Parents

Between 14th March – 18th March, our YR2 cohort have had the opportunity to complete internal ‘Easter’ assessments/examinations in their chosen subject areas. For those who sat internal assessments during this period, students have been receiving their Easter assessments marks and have been provided with subsequent subject feedback during lesson. 

The internal Easter assessment/examination data is now available for parents/carers to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal.

Alongside marked exam grades, the college uses a Red, Amber or Green (RAG) rating to indicate whether our students are on track to achieving or exceeding, slightly below or significantly below their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area. The RAG ratings and exam marks reflect the students Easter exam performance only.

Attention now turns to preparation for the external A-Level, BTEC and CTEC examinations throughout May/June.

For further information on how to access the Parent Portal, please see the information to the left of this post.

train to teach

PP4 Assessment Release on Parent Portal

By | News for Parents

Since the February half-term, our YR1 cohort have had the opportunity to complete a number of subject assessments. From these assessments students are awarded a RAG mark/rating to represent their progress in each subject. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are on track to achieving or exceeding, slightly below or significantly below their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area. The most recent RAG ratings for this academic year (Progress Point 4 Assessments – PP4) are now available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal. For further information on how to access parent portal please visit News for Parents and Guardians – Wyke 6th Form College.

 Attention now turns to preparation for the Year 1 summer assessments (25th April – 29th April) and external May/June exams. Further assessments and examination information will be posted on the News for Parents and Guardians page shortly.

Jemma Purfield

Sporting Goal

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Congratulations to former Wyke Sport student, Jemma Purfield, on her nomination for the Leicester City FC “March Goal of the Month” competition.

Jemma is an established professional in the topflight of the women’s game, playing her third season in the Women’s Super League. At the beginning of the season, Jemma signed for newly promoted Leicester City, having previous played for Liverpool and Bristol City.

Whilst at Wyke, Jemma played in the highly successful women’s team, won “Sports Personality of the Year” and gained a scholarship to USA to complete her sport education. Having adopted 23 as her squad number, Jemma is a recognised attacking full-back, specialising in free-kicks and corners.

During her signing press conference, Jemma highlighted the exciting progression made by Leicester as it transitioned into a full-time, professional outfit last summer, gaining promotion at the first attempt.

“I think it’s been brilliant,” she explained. “You know, Leicester’s team last year was talented, and they’ve got some great players and so I’m looking forward to playing with them.

“And I just think that the vision of the Club and where they’re pushing this team is in the right directions, so I’m excited to join that.

“I know a few of the girls, so there’s some familiar faces about and some that I’ve not played with before. I’m excited to link up with those I know and also excited to get to know the new girls as well”.

Host Family

Host Families required for Study Programme

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For the last seven years, a select number of sixth form colleges across the country have been welcoming a small group of Swiss students on a one-year study programme. The programme has been heralded as a great success for the colleges involved as well as the local communities.

From this September, Wyke College is excited to start welcoming a small group of Swiss students as part of this programme. We believe the experience will be of real benefit our local students.

For the programme to be a success, caring host families in Hull, the East Riding and North Lincolnshire with access to Wyke Sixth Form College are needed. Students will be carefully chosen for and matched with the host families involved, who will inevitably enjoy being part of a supportive community network. All of this is managed by Ric Carby of Barnes Host Families.

A Principal from one of the colleges involved said; “Our Swiss guests bring so many different experiences and views with them, which is quite eye-opening for our own students and very beneficial. I think that the Swiss students also gain a great deal from their time here experiencing the local culture. Getting involved in the Swiss programme has been one of our best ventures in recent years and I hope it continues for many years to come.”

Moreover, local families really enjoy the experience of hosting the students as well as benefitting from the extra income. “Luna has enriched our family life and is a pleasure to have around. She has become a true friend and we enjoy sharing activities through fresh eyes.” says host Susan Holloway.

If you have a spare room and are interested in hosting a Swiss student from September for an academic year, please contact Ric on 07748 113782 or email

Information about Barnes Educational Services can be found on their website

Students at Drax

A Renewable Future

By | Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Course News, Physics

Wyke Applied Science students were one of the first colleges to visit the Drax power station since it reopened post-Covid, taking part in a tour that supported their work in renewable electricity generation.

Sophie Thompson, Applied Science teacher, said: “The students had a great day at Drax, learning about how the electricity system works and where our electricity is generated. Visits like this are so valuable because seeing the power station and the scale of the operations is impossible to replicate in a classroom – it really brings the subject to life.”

Our students were taken on a full tour of the site, which included seeing Drax’s Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) pilot project. BECCS is a vital negative emissions technology which Drax plans to use to permanently remove millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year, whilst also generating the reliable, renewable electricity the country needs.
BECCS at Drax will support over 10,000 jobs at its peak, and it is vital that the region’s workforce has the skills needed to deliver this green energy technology, enabling the UK to meet its net zero target.

Plant Director Bruce Heppenstall said: “These tours are so important – they fire up students’ imaginations by showing them some of the cutting-edge green technologies we’re pioneering, such as BECCS which could play a vital role in addressing the climate crisis as well as delivering jobs and clean growth here in the North.”
During the tour, students learnt how renewable electricity is generated and discovered how sustainable, wood pellets have enabled Drax to reduce its carbon emissions by 95% in a decade, making it Europe’s biggest decarbonisation project.

They saw the 427-metre turbine hall that houses the huge turbines which power the generators to produce electricity, as well as the wood pellet storage domes – each large enough to fit The Royal Albert Hall inside, and the 115m high cooling towers, which are taller than the Statue of Liberty.