Attendance Protocol

Throughout education, there’s no surprise to see a high correlation between student’s attendance levels and future attainment scores. For students to reach their potential here at Wyke College, we expect full attendance and commitment to all aspects of their programme of study. This stance will guarantee your son/daughter access to the first class teaching and support opportunities we provide as part of our college charter.

Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored on a regular basis by both teaching and pastoral staff members. We will involve parents/guardians where appropriate particularly if attendance falls below an acceptable level without satisfactory explanation.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

Wyke operates an electronic attendance system for each and every lesson and tutorial, reporting and recording live attendance marks into a central database.

This system is not only able to produce detailed reports on attendance levels but also the extent of any lateness and reasons for absences.

Absences are placed into two groups, Authorised and Unauthorised, and are very similar to those you might expect to find once in employment. Students are expected to report and record any absences in line with college protocol and provide written evidence where possible.

Authorised Examples

Driving Test, Funeral, HE/Job Interview, Hospital Appointment, Illness, Medical Appointment

Unauthorised Examples

Dentist Appointment (Non Urgent), Driving Lesson, Job Training, Term Time Holiday, Opticians Appointment

Term-time Holidays

Please note that the college does not consider it is acceptable for students to take holidays during term-time. The loss of teaching and study time is very likely to reduce overall performance in courses and may well affect the student’s future directly. Special consideration for term-time absences must be made in writing to the Principal (minimum 3 weeks required).

Reporting Absences

It is the responsibility of the students to take ownership of their own attendance.

Just like in employment, any absences are to be reported and recorded on the day of the event, or if possible, in advance.

Students can do this using the online Reporting Absence System (SABRE) found under the ‘Student Life’ section of the college’s website. Absences can also be reported via telephone or by signing out at the college’s reception.

Parents will also be informed of all absences via text message or email.

Students have 3 weeks to provide written/electronic evidence to their Progress Tutor to confirm any reported absences.

Requesting Mark Changes

As registers are taken within the first 5 minutes of lessons, students who turn up after this period will be marked as late and have the extent of their lateness recorded.

The SABRE system allows students to request/challenge any register entries within a 3 week window.

An email will be sent to the appropriate staff member to confirm/deny student requests and amend any register entries.